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good stuff at a good price

find a market and sell it easy its that simple
easy to buy easy to sell


new adds new users

well it was good for a few years now i guess with the doggyest search on the internet and the worst adds, they must be killing people with epilepsy from the flashing images they force onto the high def screens!
and yes i do mean actualy killing them, hence the 1 star!

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with i had not started this contract i am getting robed by them, they are scum

this is the last time i ever use BT. £50 for a unlimited internet, £10 from 5 other companys1 and the bt one is caped if you try to download to much stuff it just drops off after 10 gig a month!
dishounest company and i wish they would emigrate to spain were they are still likes by the customers!
got the recomended NAS only to find it crashed and i have 500 gig of ebooks i need for collage locked on it and cant get them off as it tells me i need to format the harddrive before i can use it, thanks BT i will not trust your company again! also tryed to charge me £150 to end a contract!what they gona do in june when my phone is out but internet has 6 months to run!


good shop good delivery time and cost

the only thing i hate about this shop is i cant eat the pies or pastrys as they seem to smash the bones up and hide them in the pastry, i dont like chiped teeth! i love ther cheep fish and i love there milkshakes, they are a good supermarket. keep it up asda, and lose the bones in the processed food and meat to get 5 stars!


sold me a 3g contract that had a pay full if canceled

not the company they sold me is still trying to charge me for a service they never gave me, they are still makeing a fuss trying to get the money for nothing they think i owe them!
this company is a joke, please look to see if it will work in your area before parting with money in there shop as they do nave a booster in there so they all work in the store!


nasty little company die die die

sold me a £30 a month 2 year contract, then told me well the reason it is not working is that it is not avalible in your area, but it will get there in a couple of years. then they told me if i try to cancel the contract they would still charge me the full amount!
they are still telling me that i owe them hundreds of pounds and that they will take me to court or force entry into my home!
try it 3g i will cut down you antena with a grinder the day you get my money!


tryed to charge me £20 on top of bus ticket

they could have just said get lost go buy it from round the corner we dont want your money but telling me yes we sell them they are £18 + £20 that we charge for printing out the ticket, the bus drivers will sell them if you ask they just ring up the office!

sold me a ticket to travel down a shut track

had to sit in a bus stop of 8 hours over night the first night back in the uk from spain in march after 4 months, the trains were not running the track was closed. i never got a refund and had to buy a new ticket the next day! for a bus! 11 hours to travel 50 miles! not including travel!


never will i trust this company again!

this laptop came from there or did it, when it stoped working they gave me a number to ring took a month of lost study to get the thing fixed and and cost me an hour on the phone, then the repair company that is not the retrival or laptop company tryed to tell me i had not sent in the papers they needed! but after the month of lost time or down time they did bring back one still slow still crashing daily still under specks pile of over priced rubbish!
they will never get my money again! that i can promise, ring the number comet if you want to try to get it!


same company diffrent company

why betend to be more than one company!
stupid bad company, think more of how to really be loyal to your customer base, we have got other things we can buy from other companys! byby


take me to court for no tv

well if they think i will ever buy a tv or tv licence after they took me to court with out telling me first when i had no tv or equipment then they can go blow the PM as i think they are gay tv i am not gay so have no intrest in watching the rubbish they show, and subliminal is supposed to be ilegal, hypnotisum viar a tv is stupid if the child turns over they could end up killing some one or doing drugs as they get the next comand after the deepening script!


only used for the first time the other day

said to my self this is a good company, works with amazon!
fast reliable and i hope they grow in the depretion!
keep it up yodel and get some adds out there as i cant remember the company name yet, better still put adds on the deliverys!

ok if you are real carefull what you looking for

miss selling is a art on this sight, got a PC viar my brothers acount lasted 6 months got 2 laptops for 2k lasted less than the 3 year cover they refused to repair them, so stoped using the sight, found better ways to spend my money than on short life junk that cant last out the year gadgets only good if they dont fail when you show them to people or they are inbarising!

13 March 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

We would like to offer our most sincere apologies for the problems you have had with your items purchased from Ebuyer.

The first year warranty on an item is covered by Ebuyer, any warranty after that is dealt with by the manufacturer.

Once again I would like to apologise that we have been unable to help you further, however, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team if you have any further queries.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

City Link

a few crushed boxes a few bamp deliverys

never a lost or late package! never a missing thing!
alway polite alway helpfull! wish they could destroy royal bail i mean mail!
keep up the good work city link!


in life there are a few good companys!

cheep cheafull a long wait and a small seat!
i hate it but use it evey year!
they could do a bit better, they could sell a cheep drink of water on the plane, or they could sell a biscit for less than a £5, but they never will.
i guess we get what we pay for, i dont spend money on the plane, i dont pay for early boarding as it is the worst bit for a tall man! i dont like it but if they keep the price low i will keep flying if they fail to beat the ferry i will ferry over as it is better!

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branson might be a good buisness man but

not in my favor he is not!
virgin money charged me for a pre payment they never sent!
virgin wine sold me the worst wine i have ever tasted and never refunded me, i spent £380 in that sight that day!
virgin internet said you can keep your email after you colse your internet, then closed my email when i was on holiday!
if they are as good with virgin galactic then the earth will be collecting bodys from space for the nect hundred years,
so take a virgin holiday on a virgin ship spend virgin money in a virgin casino drink virgin wine and get a virgin hostess to show you a good time, and people think he is nobility! ha i seen more nobel thives!

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please buy before we will let you ask us a question

rubbish customer support, expencive delivery, cheep junk!
new touch screen tabs in shop are also real anoying.
they seem to like to show things you dont want to buy just incase you will suddenly deside to not get the needed cooker and buy a second fridge instead, and yes i guess some people do go in to get a bed and end up going home with a tv or a cubbord!


pay per play is stupid and chatching on

they started the new way to charge for playing stupid rubbish games,
they show adds that are of no intrest, they lie they cheat they sell are privet data, they refuse to delite info held about us, they dont pay the offers half the time, they rig the games so the more you pay them the higher the level!
they are a joke and the fad is almost over, i was in a vodaphone shop a school girl was in there asking how she owed £143 after a few days of using her new phone on facebook when it had free facebook. the man said in a calm mannor ow its simple, the games and links arnt free just the profile! she was a school girl they robed her of a years money!

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needs to fix the search or it will drop another star!

getting anoyed at companys not being real not selling the stuff, and searching for a thing to be shown nothing that is in any way the thing i wanted to buy!
was offered a $20000 car or a nail file the other day when looking for a electronic abdo toner, they need to look at all companys not just the ones that pay them, and they need to list ebay only once each search, it gets anoying looking at 5 pages of ebay rubbish when you want a real company to spend money with!

£70 android worked for an hour

gave it at chrismass so it was not garunteed and they were a joke!
i will never bother to waste money on this sight again!
it arived scratched and stoped working the second time it was used! they were no help and insulting!
i told them i would give the truth about them for the rest of my life!
"use at own risk" there are cheeper better companys out there with better customer care and stuff to buy!

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linked to ebay i got robed of thousends

never used a worst group of companys, i am still waiting for my 30 kilos of silver my other silver was not silver i was charged twise for things and then band from ebay until it was to late to get a refund then was told by paypal it was to late. out of the hundreds of times that i was robed on ebay paypal never once refunded me or got me my orders, i was told last time that i would need to fly to china and hire a legal company to privatly procecute to try to get my 5000 back as it was out side of the uk police forces duristiction!
do not trust this company or ebay they will rob any big spenders they get there good reviews from people spending the £5 or £10s then the ones that spend thousends get robbed and they betend to have no way of getting back the money! criminal and one day i will watch them go into liquidation!


sleazy jet i think never again i would rather walk!

they left one man in bristol airport with a bus ticket for the hour before no way home, told two old ladys that they had to not buy dudy free ciggarets as thye had to many they were smoking 10 an hour when they were waiting in the airport, and they told me my unlimited hand luggage at 24 kilos of chocolate bar was over there safe limmit as it could fall out of there over head compartment and could kill a small child" then they asked me what i would say if it happened then told me i would need to pay £240 to put it on as hold luggage. i lost the cost of my ticket as it was less. i also lost the two days of travel was delayed by a week or more and had to travel back from bristol when all my f-in money was in euros! i will never use them again, and have consided terorisum against them if they ever become there own security force!


costs more than asda,

used it for a few years then we had a little falling out!
they never let you use the loyalty points, they must owe me £90 by now but worst than that they email you if you try to use them telling you that there is a problem with your shopping order and you will need to bus 18 miles to get it if you still want it, so you end up having to wait for your refund lossing your vouchers and not having your shopping on time! got a bed it had a sharp bit in mattres cut my leg open!
orded a crate of 4 star 2001 wine they send 2002 took they 3 months to fully refund me" and they kept delivery cost!
have not used the online shop since, i do still use the store they build localy but they put up the cost of out of date offers 3 for £10 or moldy meat now only £3.90 each, i try to limit my spend to less than a £10 and i never buy stuff after they put up the price! they tryed to put my shopping bill up by £28 in a two week gap!


great company!

love this shop, only two complaints, people that charge stupid prices and P&P buy a hdsd card for 10p and pay £9 P&P, i think that type of seller should stay on ebay, as if you try to buy 100 10p sd cards they try to charge £900 P&P for a £2 stamp!
the other is that they need to fix the recomendations list!
never failed to deliver, had one order that nothing out of the 10 items worked returned the lot and got P&P refund as well. i love this sight!


never will i let this company rob me again!

i was robed by most of the liers that i trusted, paypal did not keep there word ebay always sided with the seller, and i am now thousends out of pocket for non delivered items over a 14 year time frame, worst company on earth"use at own risk"

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Cheap Supplements

shame they use royal bail to deliver

well i got worryed when my second order was late as i have had so much go missing from royal mail, but it did arrive, after i emailed them with the heading "4598ordertracking please" they gave me a traking number that tells them when it is signed for. i wish they would use a better company like city link or one of the others not a doggy one like ems ups or royal bail!
the first order seems to work wait loss supliments gets rid of about 200g a day but not for the first month of use, the joint liquid ones i guess work but cant tell for a few decades yet, the omega 3 are good but i did buy a body made sup by mistake omega 9 is made by humans so wish i had got the 3+6 with out the 9, ow well!
also found i like the sight so much i am now a member of the wholesale sight so will be ordering for my ocupation of nutrisanist as soon as my next order! would be 5 star except for the royal mail and not needed enzymes, i would rather just buy and swallow the stuff i need!

12 August 2013

Reply from Cheap Supplements

thank you for the feedback, we now use DPD that are able to give 1hr delivery windows.


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well i say it as it happened ev en if the companys dont like it, i is a holistic therapist, complimentry medicine, goth by name goth by nature!
one company not represented here is the worst :
"N POWER" gas electric suplyer in the uk: -2 stars for them, they expect me to pay them 32p per day for not using there gas, when i told them i did not want to buy there gas as they seem to charge for the same gas more than once they changed the meter to one with a daily charge expecting me to pay them the same for not buying it. they dont seem to understand that i dont put money in there meter!