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Excellent Service

I first found the website as they were selling some ski goggles that I wanted. However, the price was cheaper elsewhere. Although they couldn't match the price, they did offer to reduce it and send the product out to me quicker than the other website.

The man who I spoke to on the phone was very helpful, and even recognised me when I called back later regarding my order.

The item was received next day, and shipping was included for free.


Excellent customer service and reasonable prices

I ordered the Bose QC3 from rgbdirect as they showed up on Google Shopping as being the cheapest. The website was not outstanding, however, they more than made up for this with the price and the level of customer service. I spoke to somebody on the phone who followed up on stock levels and called back. He then called again to confirm the delivery date. Overall, I was very impressed with the level of customer service.

Pretty good service - Questionable product descriptions

I'm basing this on a few purchases made over the last few years.

Generally, the prices are pretty good on Expansys, offering cheaper alternatives to expensive branded products. The delivery is actually pretty good and I have had no issues there.

I have two main things to complain about. Firstly, they send A LOT of marketing emails (an email every 1-2 days). I would prefer if they had a more intelligent system, whereby they sent me specific offers I would be interested in.

My second complaint is about the lightning to 30-pin adapter I bought - I know Trustpilot isn't generally for product reviews, but this was an Expansys branded product so I feel it is justified. The product description showed the same features as the standard Apple adapter - support for charging, sync, analog audio, usb audio, and yet the product did not work as designed with a docking station or FM transmitter.

I am still awaiting a response from Expansys on this, after which I may update this review.


Much quicker than I thought!

I know a lot of people have got bad things to say about Carphone Warehouse - I don't know if they have issues in terms of contract phones, but for ordering an offline phone they were pretty good.

I ordered the iPhone 5 on the first pre-order day from the Apple Store Online with a delivery time of 1-2 weeks after the release date of Friday 21 September 2012. However, due to some changing travel plans, I cancelled the order.

I then checked the Carphone Warehouse website, which showed a delivery date of Monday 24 September and the same price as the Apple Store. I phoned to confirm this as it seemed too good to believe, and it turned out to be true - I was however told that it may possibly be delivered on Tuesday if there are any unexpected delays.

To my surprise, the phone actually arrived on Friday 21 September (the release date of the phone). This was great - I managed to get the new iPhone, on the day of release, without having to queue for hours at the Apple Store!


Excellent products

I switched to mac almost 6 years ago and haven't looked back since. The seamless nature of having apple products cannot be beaten by anything else. Sure, other companies come out with better ideas for phones etc. but their ideas are normally poorly implemented, and you always need an array of add-ons to make sure that your phone, computer and everything else all stay up to date. With Apple, it just works. People complain about the price, but I say you get what you pay for.

My only complaint (hence 4 stars) is Apple Server. It doesn't work out of the box like all other Apple products, and support hasn't been great.


One of the best cashback sites

I like both this site and their main competitor (not mentioning any names!). Good site, great offers, payment on time. Although it's great that you offer a free service, this does sometimes mean that you don't have the best cashback deals, but no complaints anyway.


Great on the move.

I like occasionally betting on sports events, and this is great for that. I do remember some issues with the mobile site, but that was a couple of years ago. Have been a member for 4 years and no issues.


They've really turned things around.

I was a Three customer a few years ago (around 2004-2008) and they weren't very good. Bad reception, bad customer service, bad handset choice etc. So I was actually quite reluctant to use their service this time round.

My contract with one of the other networks ended in April 2012, and I wanted to get a new contract on the iPhone. Three were the only company offering unlimited data plans (including tethering which most networks don't seem to offer for free) which is what I needed. As well as this, it was actually the cheapest iPhone contract available for what you were getting (The One Plan with 2000 minutes, 5000 texts and tethering included - all for £34 p.m. + £49 for the phone).

Due to my reservations, I asked around and seemed to get mixed reviews regarding moving to Three. To deal with the potential reception issue, I got a free PAYG sim to test reception at home, at work and along my usual routes - it was about as good as I was getting on all other networks.

I then decided to go ahead with my purchase. It was actually surprisingly simple on the website (a huge improvement on the old layout). The only downside was that it doesn't let you complete the purchase, and instead tells you that there has been a problem with your order (hence -1 star). A friend had told me that this happened to him as well, so I went ahead and phoned customer support. They were quick and helpful and told me they just needed payment for the phone and it was despatched that day.

Since then, the billing has been simple, I haven't received unnecessary calls and texts from customer services...yet (another improvement).

Overall, I am impressed so far.


Not a bad service, but far from perfect.

Ordering online was much easier, especially with available sizes.

However, there are a few improvements I would suggest:

1. Some of the imagery is not sufficient for you to see the product. It was only because I had been in store that I knew what the product actually looked like. For example, with the occasion suits, you are offered things like shirts on the same page, with no detailed images of the shirts being worn without the suit jacket.

2. The navigation on the site looks good, but makes it difficult to see the difference between certain products. It's a pain to have to go through various frames of what is effectively a flash banner just to get to the correct product. Great for mindless browsing, not so good for finding what you want.

3. Charging shipping on a £130 order is a bit cheeky. From all the online shopping I have done, I have found even where shipping isn't free (it normally is), it is at least free for higher value orders (e.g. over £50 or over £100).

4. While I like the idea of not being charged for your product until you are happy with it, it makes the ordering process confusing. It also tries to lure you into subscribing to the magazine without making recurring charges clear. Also, there seems to be no option to pay the amount straight away - it seems you need to wait for a statement. I guess you are working on the fact that people may forget to pay for their goods, allowing you to charge interest?

Quality of the products were good. Shipping was on time so no complaints on that side.

My Tuxedo

Great Value. Quick Delivery. No complaints.

I ordered a shirt for a wedding from mytuxedo, and it was better value than anywhere else I had seen. The site looked professional and was easy to use. Everything was well integrated with their couriers so that I received updates from both sides at the correct times.


Delivered to the wrong address & No customer service

I have had issues with DPD before where they have delivered to the wrong address AND just left the package on the doorstep. I gave them the benefit of the doubt as there are 2 properties with the same house number. However, on my most recent delivery, I was very clear about the location. They still attempted to deliver to the wrong address. When I tried to call to resolve this, there seemed to be no way to speak to a human. I used the website to just arrange collection rather than have another failed delivery. When I went to the local depot, there was a small door resembling a fire exit for collections (at least the entrance for the staff looked nice!). I pressed the buzzer no less than three times with no answer. Eventually, after speaking to someone at the staff entrance, they finally let me in.

All in all, I think it's a terrible service.

02 May 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi SD,

Really sorry that you hold a negative perception of our company. Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. I hope that the experience will be smoother next time we deliver to you.



Groupon UK

A lot of emails

I do get a lot of emails from groupon (at least 2 a day, sometimes up to 5). I think their emails should be more targeted and specific. I don't want to have to sift through tens of offers to find the ones most suited to me. Surely you can ask for more information in the user profile and then choose offers accordingly?

On a more positive note, the offers are usually pretty good. I've taken advantage of a couple of them.



Have used Crucial before to order RAM for my machine as theirs is one of the best rated. The selector on the site makes it much easier to choose the correct product.

I ordered yesterday afternoon with the (free) standard delivery and got the item this morning.


Good service and products, not so good prices

I have used Maximuscle for years and have generally found their service good. They have been very helpful in the past with any questions or issues I have had. However, their pricing is still way too high compared to equivalent products from other companies. Saying that, they do have good offers which bring them down to a reasonable price range.

The regular magazines with helpful articles, and the getting started pack on your first order is a nice touch.


Great products.

I love receiving Firebox emails and going on the website. They have an interesting range of products, and they don't annoy me with a barrage of emails.

No issues when I have ordered with them in the past.


Not bad as a bank, but a bit behind in terms of technology

I have been banking with Nationwide for about 4 years now. Never had any major problems with them. They have reasonable interest rates on their savings accounts, and fees abroad have been one of the best.

Internet banking is not bad, especially with the new design and functionality. A couple of bad points though - firstly, when you look at your account activity as a graph, it doesn't take your overall balance (including savings account) which is a bit useless to be honest. Also, mobile banking is shocking compared to the level offered by other banks.

T Mobile

Generally a pretty good service

I have a pretty reasonable contract with T-Mobile. The pricing is not bad. However, coverage hasn't been great - this has improved since they started sharing Orange's network.

Also, I have a bone to pick with the manufacturer of my phone for effectively not supporting it less than a year after it was their flagship model - I understand this is not an issue with T-Mobile, however, I feel that they could have taken this up with the manufacturer and offered alternative handsets.


Excellent website, very easy to use

I love using the BA website and executive club. All of my flights are easy to manage, and with the app, mobile boarding and the BA credit card, everything just seem to work seamlessly.


Very quick service, every time

I've ordered many times over the years from Amazon. Never had any issues with payment, delivery or any other part of the service. I had an issue with a product just once, and despite the manufacturer being completely useless, Amazon solved my problem quickly and easily.

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