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not a happy bunny, it took them 6 months to sort out our return to the house after a lengthy absence, then they billed us for an occupied property (even though noone had used any electricityin the house because we wern't living there!)
then send us an estimated bill(when they had got our readings)
then send us an incorrectly calculated actual bill! after 15 phone calls it is finally sorted but we stillhavent' had an actual apology, and all this because we were persuaded by their cheaper rates - as said by the sales rep at the door - which also turn out to be guff! great - oh well, we will be moving from them and will NOT be returning ever!


well happy!

bought 3 pieces from here a whiel ago and am sooo happy i felt compelled to write a review! i was very pleased to find art2arts as you can avoid those costly gallery commissions which add about 30% to the price usually, so wondered if the quality would be reduced in art costing less, but i was amazed when i got my pieces through - they were stunning and a real bargain too, all arriving within a week. thanks very much to the artist stothard who i will be coming back to buy more work from! keep it up :)


very happy

im surprised by the reviews on here actually, I have made over 40 purchases through achica and they have all turned up within a week and have been a wicked bargain!I was also really chuffed with the art I bought on there as it is rom a collectible artist and is way below market price so all in all im very happy - i woudl say though they coudl do with having a phone number to ring, but having said that they did get back to me withing 48hours whe i enquired about a product

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