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Appliances Direct

A truly, truly awful experience. Never use Appliances Direct

During March I ordered a Fisher and Paykel fridge from them (£1,000+). I called their hotline to find out how long this would take to deliver as i needed it before Easter as we had guests. The gentleman i spoke to said it would be delivered on Thursday 28th March. I asked him if he was sure it would be then as i would need to wait in. he confirmed it would be and the email i received on purchased stated this.

The day before deliver was meant to happen, Wednesday 27th, i called to check and was told that they had not received the product so i would not receive it the next day - disappointment number 1!

Having guests with no fridge was pretty tough too!

I voiced my disappointment and asked to speak to a supervisor. She said i couldn't! Why not? i ask. No one is available, she said. Ok, i'll hold, i said. She said i couldn't as i can't speak to anyone. Why not? No valid response from her - disappointment number 2!

She said you could not be held accountable for delays by the manufacturer and we can't provide compensation for anything. This was the point they lost all credibility as they was no effort to help put things right. My tough luck - wait it out even though i had just paid £1000+ UPFRONT for something!

The only way I can complain she says is write a letter or email them. She send me details of the address to send the letter to but no email address. I replied back to her asking for the email address. To this date there has been no reply - disappointment number 3!

I asked her when it would be delivered and she said Monday. OK, come Sunday I can't get through to their line (Easter) so go online to check, it now says Wednesday - disappointment number 4!

Come Wednesday I am waiting at home for it to be delivered and it gets to about 3pm and no sign so I contact the phone line. The guy I speak to says it is out for delivery and will arrive that day. Having lost faith in them I contact the freight company personally who inform me that everything they collect from you is a 48 hour delivery so there is no way it will be delivered that day but i'd have to wait until tomorrow - disappointment number 5! He said that Appliances direct always get this wrong.

I therefore have to wait in all the next day and eventually the fridge arrives - it is DAMAGED (the side panel has two scrapes on it) - disappointment number 6!

Just to point out the date is now Thursday 4th April (16 days after ordering and 7 days later than i expected)

The delivery guys mark it down as damaged and I expected to hear from them to see what would happen. Still no call - disappointment number 7!

To be let down once is bad, to be let down 7 times is truly terrible and when everyone mentions how nice the fridge is I make a point of telling them that if they want one please never buy it from them.

Yes, they are cheap but in the end you get what you pay for

So they called me pretty promptly and stated they could provide me with £50 compensation and £100 for the damage. I said I thought that was unacceptable and insulting and they stated they would only ever offer 10% of the value as compensation irrespective of the issues (worth noting everyone).

They said they could collect the product and send me a new one but could not guarantee the delivery date (again) and in the meantime I would have to unplug and not use the product!

So basically i would have to accept their offer or again my tough luck.
They said if I chose not to accept i would receive the offer in writing within a few days anyway and i could take it further.

Surprise surprise - no letter has ever arrived!

I'm now in the process of contacting their MD Nick Glynne to see if we can get this sorted.

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15 April 2013

Reply from www.appliancesdirect.co.uk

Hi Tarqsthehero,

I am sorry for the various issues you have encountered.

Could you please send me your order number to sarah@appliancesdirect.co.uk so that we can look into this for you.

Many thanks,
Sarah Lawson

Customer Experience Manager.


Excellent service

I bought a whole variety of things that arrived as promised on time. I had some contact with them about some of the products and they were very helpful and pointed me in the right direction.
I do a fair bit of training and am looking for someone who can provide me all the products I need, when I need them.
Thanks Fuelsport, keep it up.

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