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AWFUL mobile service

Lost my phone and reported it straight away, was told my simcard and phone would be locked, 2 days later I checked account online and noticed calls were still been made. Phoned back to report this and was re-assured that it had now been locked etc, 3 days later calls STILL been made. Phoned back again and was told the reason not actually locked is because I had not paid for a new sim card!?!?..The first person I spoke to did not mention this..terrible.....also got no reply to my many emails to left them after 10 years...good riddance!!!

Excellant service

This was very quick and very easy, plus they gave the highest price amongst all the others. You should definitely go with fonebank

Ok if they can be bothered

I phoned drum stop as I wanted to buy a drum kit in part ex for my kit which was in very good condition. The person I spoke to said yes they do part ex & reccomended that I send them photos and they would get back to me. To cut a long story short I did not get a reply after a week so I sent a reminder asking them to name their price, again no reply, not even acknowledgement of the effort I went through to set my kit up, take photos etc so that was a little annoying. Even if they didn't want the kit a reply at least would have been courteous .

I also recently bought a brand new snare drum from them which according to the manufacturers website is supplied with a padded bag which I didn't get. When I phoned drum stop to question this I was told that they received it from the manufacturer without the bag....and that was it! Dissapointed! Although I'm happy with the snare drum

19 March 2012

Reply from

Hi Stu, all i can do is apologise for this, your mail went to our spam filter and wasn't seen by the team until we saw your review!! It honestly isn't the way we work and have never worked like this. We value every customer and will always reply as quickly as possible to every email / answerphone message etc. It has helped change our system so we now check the spam filter regularly and have looked at the settings to see if this can be changed so it doesn't happen again!! With regards to the Snare Case, our site and the Tama UK site doesn't mention a case because in the UK it has never been supplied with one, However sometimes some USA suppliers do have different terms so it may have been advertised in the US with a case?? It can sometimes confuse people in the Drum Market as this happens with colours, configurations etc. and the UK have different specs to the US even if it is through the same company i.e. Tama. I hope this hasn't deterred you for the future as it is a one off.

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