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Took several attempts to print a poster correctly

I was requested to write a review by instantprint on their preferred review provider but I seem to be unable to get my review to display so I'm writing it here instead.

Instantprint seemed almost totally unable to provide me what I had requested and paid for. I used their online upload which I was then told didn't work so had to email in my artwork. I did so but was once again prompted for it via email.

I ordered some leaflets and some large posters and they seemed unable to match the poster artwork to the posters and the leaflet artwork to the leaflet. They tried to print the A0 poster on the back of the A6 flyer and DID send me the A6 leaflet blown up to A0 size. They then sent me incorrect A0 posters twice more so don't expect much from the online proof as they didn't even bother sending me one for the 4 sets of A0 posters I had to throw away.

The whole process of dealing with them or any of their partners is draining and not worth the budget prices they charge.


Doesn't display my negative reviews

I was asked by a company to give an honest review to eKomi regarding the service I had received. They were obviously unhappy regarding the review as they offer me my money back or more store credit to withdraw the review. I said it's important to maintain a true picture in the reviews so I wouldn't withdraw my review however It's never been shown. I contact eKomi but got no reply.

I couldn't trust any eKomi reviews after my experience of the system. I would advise people to be careful about which reviews they listen too.

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Pretend they are someone else to get your business

Because they know if you knew it was them you would run a mile! This company uses morally objectionable sales tactics in order to get you to part with money.

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