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I like the points, not the clicketty click, click, click, click

This must be the worst website design ever. You click on a shop, then it asks you to click on the "Shop Now"? I just clicked eg EBay, so why does Nectar then ask me to click again on the eShop Shop Now button?.
So then you do, and it throws up the "Shop Now" button, so you click, and it throws up (if you are lucky!) transferring you to EBay.

I do not need to know I am finally being transferred to EBay when I already know I click on the EBay shop button at the start of this Clicketty, Clicketty click, click, click, click process!!

There again, with so many clicks involved maybe Nectar realise that they had better tell us all - that we are still on the 'right click' - oops sorry, was that a left click Nectar?. YES Nectar is all left clcik and not right :-) :-) lol.

Get it sorted please - Google gives you a one click and your there. So why cant Nectar? How long does it take to learn basic HTML, and some basic JAVA?


Have met them in person

Ken actually does the computer fairs (or used to) and ever since buying cables etc from him some 15 years ago, I have been impressed with the level of service given in person, but also on his website and on eBay!

He offers a vast range of cables, connectors, and equipment for the computer trade.

I have always found the quality of his products to be amongst the best, but the icing on the cake is that he manages to give great value for money too.

A very friendly and GENUINE business gentleman, along with his family / staff.


Have used serif software for 10 plus years

Over the years I have watched serif grow from a team of enthusists to where they are now - one of the largest.
All their software has been excellent and operated faultlessly.
Constantly updated, upgraded and priced so low, it really is a steal.

I purchased their latest Movie software X5, - they now have X6 out.
But regardless, the HD performance is stunning and with so many output selections available you simply cant go wrong.
Choose from YouTube, 720, 1080i or p and a mass of settings inbetween to keep even the most experimentally prone producer busy along with American standard too.

YouTube formats covered too, where some of my productions now reside.
Most go onto Dual DVD with the last production running to no less than 4hrs .20 mins (please note the software cannot handle that size of production so I had to split into 2x 2hr 10mins - but read on!!!

The X5 movie software can handle a whopping 2hrs 20mins of my latest production, where I had 15 (YES - fifteen) video tracks (special effects etc) and 5 sound tracks for it to handle, so that is quite a feat in my book.

You'll find the older Photo packages could handle upto 300 Gb file sizes at a res of 1200 px safely but no larger.

However, the latest photo package appears to have improved this limit although I have yet to push the bondary here so cannot comment on this aspect though I doubt few will be working with such high res / sized photos unlike my historically important archival work that requires this level.

Delivery has always been fast and efficient, as has the service if you wish to return anything on their 30 day trial guarantee.

So, to round off, all their software is excellent. Its a no brainer at these prices folks! and one that will leave your Bank manager feeling happier :-)



A great, easy to use website and easy ordering system.
Most importantly, an original washing machine door seal at an affordable price.

It arrived next day, fitted and working great.


200 plus products bought = must be a 5 star company

Quiet often you will find Amazon beats the rest on price - but how many have said Amazon beat the competitors on service when it goes wrong?

I have mistakenly ordered items, recieved items damaged or bits missing etc, but Amazon swiftly replace or refund, collect and deliver without any issues raised even when it was my silly fault for clicking on the wrong item.

Amazon, I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks your great.
Keep up the great work - and that goes to all the staff who make it happen at Amazon!! :-)

Thank you for making it a safe and enjoyable experience to buy from you guys.


never a problem on eBay

Having bought nearly 300 items on eBay . . . I have had a forged memory card, a faulty item, and I recently paid just short of £100 for a graphics card, which never arrive, because the person cleared off with the money.

I have never been upset with eBay because my experiences with them have always been positive and they clear matters up quickly when it goes wrong.

As soon as you launch their "resolutions process" you will be refunded or sorted out in a few days.

You'll have no worries with eBay

Simply Electronics Ltd.

1x Good, then 1x Bad experience here & still waiting!!

Update - April 6th - after filling in the VISA card charge back forms, I now have my refund via VISA - thank you VISA!!

Never will I buy from this shocking company again.
If you buy from this company - I prey they have the goods IN STOCK for you, cause if they dont - your in for a very, very long wait and do not expect a refund from Simpy.

Update - NOW APRIL - no refund given - Have had to fill in a Visa form to get refund - now witing for that to be actioned.

Update 27/3/2012
WARNING - I have not recieved any refund from Simply after a month!

The Bank will be refunding my money - they have a large number of claims coming in from Simply Electronics for refunds.

I would advise you to steer clear of this failing company and heed other warnings from former customers here.

Please read my original review here:-
Having already purchased an expensive Panasonic TM900 camcorder from Simplyelectrical in Sept 2011 - and that was despite bad comment found here!!
It arrived two days later and no problems encountered with that simple action of delivering on time AND AS PROMISED!

So . . . I decided to purchase a Sony Ericsson Experia Arc phone from SimplyElectronics on Feb 26th despite all the bad comments.

The money was withdrawn from the account immediately, so I assumed all was well especially since there were 3 in stock according to the website. (same number was showing for 5 days - I'd been watching! )

By, and on March 6th, nothing had appeared (a present for the wife).
I attempted to phone several times but long waits and still no pick up, so I sent an email minutes later.
The email was answered the next day (7th) stating a representative would be assigned to my case.

In short stock was damaged.
I sent another email quote: "I confirm that I would like to cancel this order please
Reason: No stock available from Simply".

I applaud the service here because she stayed on the phone until she saw this email arrive and was then able to action it. This was all done on the 8th March.

Its now March 15th and I still haven't seen any refund to my account.

Q) why not tell me from the outset that these phones were damaged? instead of having me wait patiently for over a week with no word.
I don’t feel I should have been the one to contact them.

Q) Why is it taking so long to issue a refund?
This stinks of a company about to fold and that is speaking from experience over the years!

This company had performed fine WHEN ITS IN STOCK AND IT ARRIVES but if you have a problem don’t expect it to be sorted soon.

Having said all this - yes they offer the best prices and with that, comes shortcuts to get there.
We all want the best price we can find - but it may come with a hidden cost as above.

I'm fairly confident I'll get my refund, either from SimplyElectronics or via Visa.
Shame they have just lost a wannabe loyal customer on big ticket items.

update: now March 20th and another phone call to them - I will be sent an email with refund status and estimated time when refund will arrive - told this will happen in one hours time after giving them a light grilling about their negative on-line feedback and questions about companies financial status.

Person was very polite and explained company is not about to go under.
Have just checked email - still waiting after several hours now :-(

20/3/2012 - I will update anxious buyers / prospective buyers.
20/3/2012 - update after 4 hours:-
"Apologies for the hold up in refunding your order.

Your refund request was s_ubmitted to our relevant department. Please allow an extra few days for us to process your request. It can take up to 2 weeks on occasion for the refund to be initiated due to current processes we have in place. You can be assured that once refunded you will receive a courtesy email from us informing you of the credit.

Thank you for your understanding thus far and we look forward to completing your refund soon.

Best Regards,
Customer Service Executive"

Will update everyone again when I see if they hold to their word - or not !

24th March update and re-rating co. to 2 stars from 3 star:
No e-mail - no refund . . which was originally supposed to arrive on 19th or 20th of March aftera phone conversation with them.

Still waiting patiently after 4 weeks!
Coincidentally - I bought this new phone from Amazon with pure piece of mind and no hassle. Wife very happy. I'm not :-(

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