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Poor and over bearing - Slough

Went to pick up a guest who was staying at the hotel for 20 odd days, whilst waiting outside in the lobby I needed to go to the loo, asked the manager politely where the loo was and he refused to let me use it, along with 101 questions, guest, room number, what your priority club number etc

This is after having spent the last 3 years staying at their hotels every month when travelling the country.
Needless to say the guy was rude, lack compassion and empathy and had a thick foreign accent.

He was a manager give them power and it goes to their head!


Daylight Robbery is their Line of Business - DAILY

I bought a top spect i7 HP Laptop for £1100 in Aug 11, with the extended warranty for £300 extra for 3 years. Needless to say laptop PCB went faulty went in for repair once and came back fixed, worked for 5 mins and PCB burnt out again.
Collected 2nd time and this time wrote the laptop off over the weekend, not telling me how much they wrote it off for.

Monday I find out they allocated £449.99 for the laptop as that is what the i3, YES i3 is worth now. I kndly pointed out I paid 1100 for a i7, they insisted I had a i3 I was livid none the less, so went to store after much insistance on their part I was about to walk away as I had no proof they had my laptop and receipt I misplaced. EVENTUALLY I checked their in-house computer myself and scrolled down the laptop specs and the correct ones were listed, THE Title had the wrong specs but the rest of the page had the correct specs, so after this fiasco I find out that the laptop is now worth £800, and that was due to them claiming on the insurance policy so in effect I would lose that money as a claim had been made when there was no need to as it was less than a year old.

At one point their advisor was adamant an i3 back in 2011 Aug was worth 1100, I couldnt stop laughing as that ment the i7 would start around 2k mark for a basic spec. Specialists, pfff

After having wrote to their CEO and other senior members, cc'ing in as many people as I could I got my insurance money refunded as they agreed we should not have invoked the claim on your policy however they wouldnt bump up the voucher anymore than 800 so I lost 300 plus other expenses to and from their stores.

NEVER ever buy from them unless you want to be conned with bad advice, incorrect information and lies, NOTHING BUT LIES!
So far I have stopped 32 people buying from them who come to me for advice, after explaining my harrowing experience below most of them thank me, so please be warned they are not sincere when it comes to support when things go wrong


good reception and helpful Customer Service

Have 2 identical phones on 2 networks, three always had signal in the middle of no where in wales, where as the other network had no signal until we got nearer civilisation.



few years ago my father was with Carphonewarehouse, he had issues so asked me to speak to them since I worked for a Telco at the time I had experienced all networks, o2, voda, orange, t-mobile and even three. Carphonewarehouse were the remaining ones I had no experience of. Needless to say, it was horrendous, the "south London" accent said it all when the call started, rude, obnoxious, arrogant and did I mention rude? The call ended with him hanging up on me, stating company policy I cannot help you. I was in disbelief, as it never happened to me before other than with the DVLA.
This was a few years ago, actually in 2007. So today, I was thinking of buying another phone, as there is a store within walking distance decided to read some reviews and guess what nothing has changed since then. Customer's are still experiencing the same, despicable behaviour.
It pays to have a good customer service, as customers will remain loyal; every CPW shop I walk past is always empty with staff on their phones.
Best to avoid and go direct to the carrier, as it is in their interest to provide good customer services, in order to keep customers happy.

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