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Could do better for loyal customers

I just feel that a customer who has been with O2 for many years should get a better phone and deal than someone who is new to O2. Indeed O2 also believe this as they say that current customers get the best deals over new customers. But they don't. New customers can get the most up to date phones and a better contract than a loyal customer. That isn't fair. The answer when I asked about it was "you can upgrade in July 2013". And that's all I kept getting, no answer to my specific query, just the same parrot fashion answer. I will not be renewing my contract.
On a positive note, the general service is very good and the coverage excellent.


Too much going on.

Too many add ons, apps, adverts and changes. Great to just keep in touch with friends, but the overall feel for me is that it has it has gone too big. It also doesn't listen to it's users as so many don't like the Timeline feature.

Best price is what you want

When you sell something you want the best price for it and this is what Fonebank gives. No gimmicks, no clauses. And it is very quick.

National Tyres and Autocare

Easy website and very competitive.

Not many websites give you the full option of tyre selection, full cost and online booking. The prices are excellent and I would say 10% cheaper than same brand at other companies.

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