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Wow just simply Wow

I placed an order on line this morning 8th May at 11.20am for a Samsung frost free fridge freezer and by 2.15pm (SAME DAY) I received a call from the driver stating he had one drop before me but just checking if they could deliver item today !! Now thats quick by anyones standards. Driver unpacks goods for your inspection whilst at property to ensure NO discrepencies re damage during transit etc.. However they do leave all packaging lol. Suppose they cant be excellent at everything :-) Have now set fridge/freezer up and awaiting on it reaching correct temps before I place food in it. Drivers were polite and helpful bringing item into kitchen and to ensure item in stock I called first and this was confirmed as in stock. Customer service this morning also excellent and polite. Overall a great transaction and I would recommend anyone to purchase from Electrocentre as I know I will again. WELL DONE AND THANKS. :-)

Simply Electronics Ltd.

OMG... whats occuring ere then ??? Buyer BEWARE

I first ordered from this company approx 18months ago and had NO issues at all with order, communication and delivery :-) BUT am now having probs that everyone on here seems to be having :-( I placed an order for Olympus tough 820camera on 19th April and after viewing website (BE VERY WARY OF THIS) I was informed that item in stock and web site states actual stock update?? and item would be delivered within 2-4 business days?? I then looked into this company (I realise a bit late now) they are based in Kowloon, Kong Kong. So how the del times are that are suspicious anyhow taking on board transport to customs then UK etc... Well i contacted via email as item STILL states NEW on my account and received a very basic reply stating that item within time scale and should be dispatched soon!! I attempted to call them on the phone number given which prefix starts with 0844 and costs 6p connection charge +5p per minute (Just be mindful) and was pleasantly surprised at the automated call system, they tell you that your in que however its taking longer to answer call and the time exceeds for ex 45mins and You have the option to call back WITHIN that time and you would jump que however be wary as when u do call back the automated system states again longer to answer calls and will take 30 mins to ans call etc etc... so realistically u may never get through :-( Unless You do like i do phone at UK times from 4am-7am as remember this company in china and theyre 7hours ahead of UK and with calls at that time of day ive been connected to actual operator within 25secons and 50 seconds :-). Back to my real reason for review... Ive now contacted SE and spoke to advisor as of Fri 4th May exactly 2wks after order placed only to be informed that they havent even processed my order?? I explained that they took my money immediatly and have kept me waiting for item.. His reply was that he would move item to Express Delivery which is usually delivered within 1-2 working days from the receipt of your order ??? You can appreciate my response.. How can you get my order here in 1-2 days when youve not managed in last 2 wks?? phone call ended... I must make it clear that I feel there is communication difficulties when speaking to advisors as there is No way any item can get to UK within 1-2 days!! I believe he meant i should receive tracking number within that time as when items leave Kong kong they go via customs then to a english delivery site to then forward on to customers. I have just responded to the basic email from them last week stating the above and also highlighting that if item not here within 5 days then order will be cancelled and i will envoke section 75 of the consumer credit act which means i will entrust my credit card company to retrieve monies already paid. Thank you for reading and good luck to you all, your gonna need it :-(

UK Tool Centre

Wow a website/company that works :-)

I purchased from this company numerous items and found the whole transaction favourable. Items clearly marked in stock and they were, money not took out of account till shipped and communication from them throughout purchasing and shipping excellent. In a nutshell i was suprised that a company offered cheaper prices and also came up trumps with their service, I will be using again to purchase in future. Well done UK tool Centre a service to be proud of ...


Missing Items ??

After arriving home from work i checked to see status of my order via Amazon then was shocked to read that Yodel had delivered my item today to PORCH ?? What is a concern is that my porch was closed and windows closed as I work !! I immediatly contacted Yodel and put in query wheres my stuff?? I was informed that item delivered on left on porch !! Im sure u can apprciate my language then to this shabby courier service.. Yodel then stated Amazons fault as theyve delivered as requested ?? I then stated surely someone with a brain would realise if no one in and item too big to go through window (if was open) then they should have re attempted to deliver !! No apparantly they left on porch ??? which basically means they left my goods on full view for anyone to see and remove !! I hasten to add no cards or anything left either.. I have logged this with Yodel and Amazon and obviously Amazon will kindly replace but surely to god (sorry) any person with a brain wouldnt leave goods on doorstep .. Apparantly driver to be interviewed grrrrrrrrr i wish i was there cos he or she would get a piece of my mind.... a very disruntled customer :-(

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