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A Complete Joke

I was given a faulty matress that collapsed in on itself, rang dreams for a replacement, they sent someone out to asses it and he said yes it was definately faulty. Rang dreams to get a replacement ... after well over 2 HOURS on hold i got through and orderd for them to bring a replacement matress and paid an extra £40 for a better matress as the Iris was so flimsy! they came to deliver the new one and i was expecting to have to dispose of the old one myself but they said they had to take it. They went to pick up the old broken matress n there is a tiny brown stain from where i spilt a cup of tea but it is very faded as id put vanish etc on it when the spill happened, the rest of the matress is in imaculate condition but they refused to take it because of this stain and left without giving me my replacement! I called up and arranged for them to deliver it again and id have a better go at cleaning it, the materss is pretty much spotless just a darker shade of white where the stain used to be yet they refused to take it again and wouldnt leave my new matress again!!! Im fumeing! 1. thats two days taken off work for them to deliver and still no new matress... 2. why does the matress have to be stain free if its faulty and going to desposed of anyway?! 3. a stain dosent cause a matress to collapse in on itself so the matress is faulty with or without any stains and the matress is going to be disposed of anyway, its not like they are going to re sell a broken matress but to be honest i wouldnt put it past them now!! Dreams is a joke! Dreams's customer service is a joke! Ive had 3 beds from them now but after this will definately never get another from them! I will try and clean the matress again tonight then get them to deliver the new one again and again and again untill they give me my new fucking matress!! Ive paid extra money and theyve left me with a broken matress and no replacement for over 4 weeks now even though ive paid extra money for a better one, taken two days off for delivery and used half a bottle of vanish and other cleaning products trying to get a stain out of an old broken matress that is going in the bin anyway! And still no replacement. NEVER BUY FROM DREAMS!!!! They have no care for their customers once they have the money out of you.

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