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Great apart from one thing

I like Toolstation, keep finding tools/accessories etc that make the job easier and there's such a range and such good prices its hard to top them.

Here's the only odd thing. If you go in at 10 minutes to closing time the staff are virtually chasing you out the store. If management won't pay them an extra 15 mins to them clear up / cash up etc. after you've gone, why not just bring forward the closing time instead of chivvying customers and bolting the door early?

Anyway that aside, good all round.


I'm on their wi fi right now

Love wetherspoons. Not the most atmospheric of places but oh so reliable for coffee, wifi, breakfast et al. They are open much earlier than most places that serve the above. And they are still head and sholuders above the rest for fair priced drinks and wide range of 'real' and interesting beers. They have their knockers but so what, I think they're brilliant.


Absolutely love this company

First and obviously: the socks themselves. They are my favourits. I have others from Austin Reed, TM Lewin etc that are getting replaced one by one byt Blacksocks socks. I like them for comfort, perfect fit, properpy black coloured and I like how they keep their shape.

But above and beyond that I like this company's sense of humour. Who would have guessed it from a german speaking company : ). Maybe the translation is part of what amuses me but I just enjoy ordering fro them.

Oh I almost forgot to say. They deliver them 3-monthly on a 'sockscription' which as far as I know is unique. Top marks


Odd that they don't have a decent mobile acct mgmt experience

I've been with O2 10+ years and have an iPhone with them, so far so good in most respects. Apart from one, and it's so bizarre I find it almost unforgiveable for a mobile company. They text you your bill and in the text is a web address to manage your account. Click on that link though, and you go through to a site optimised for desktop users only. Not mobile users. Um what does this company do again:)?

Hargreaves Lansdown

Couldn't have been easier

The main reason I chosse HL to start my stocks and shares ISA is because I had heard a lot of word of mouth about their quality of service. It is true that some other companies do more discounts, however I was transferring a substantial cash ISA and wanted to do itright . First their helpdesk guided me through the bits I didn't understand about funds etc. The actual application process was on paper and was smoother than I expected, the money was there to invest in I think about 9 days. Since then I have used the website which is updated very frequently with information on shares and funds. All in all a faultless service and the remarkable thing is you can pick up the phone and speak to someone knwledgeable in just a few rings.

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