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would have been "no stars" but not able to award them nothing have totally messed up a 2 day trip to lisbon fior me and 4 of my friends. tried booking flights/hotel package online, saw a good deal, entered details for 5 people, names, dates of birth etc etc, by the time i pressed confirm, the flights had gone. Found alternatives, went down same process, same result. did this 3 times, with no luck. Frustrated, i thought i'd phone them. deal with a real human. little did i know. Again, gave the guy details of what i wanted, told him i had seen something at 267 quid each. Hey, i can do something better he says. 224 pounds. Great says i. Gave him all details again for 5 people, by the time he spelt out and repeated every detail i gave him, the flights had gone. He finally found something at over 300 quid , i told him i was not happy, as i had started at 267 quid, he offered 224 quid, now, after 40 minutes, i'm at over 300 quid. he explained that the flight prices move up and down, ok, i understand that. but if employed a call centre that had people speaking decent english, the transaction could have been conducted quicker, meaning i would have got my flights. Spoke with supervisor, he said he would call me with something within half hour, its now been hour and 10 minutes and nothing, not even the courtesy of a call telling me they cant help. Thanks, you have messed up our midweek break, and basically you couldnt care less. i will not be using you again, and i recommend that other people dont either.

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