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Office Furniture Online

Long wait

Ordered an office desk from these guys a month ago now which has just arrived. When I ordered I didn't clock the delivery estimate of 10-15 days but when I realised I thought that must just mean the maximum amount of time it will take them to deliver an in-stock item. What I now realise is the desk was made to order, but still didn't arrive within 15 working days, it was more like 20. If they would just be honest and put made to order on their site it would have saved me a lot of annoyance.

Customer service is good, they get back to you quite quickly, although they offered no apology for the lateness of the delivery even when I said I wasn't exactly happy.

The desk itself looks very robust, the main top part is very heavy and is the only bit I have removed from it's packaging so far. It all seems well packaged, so I'm happy there.

All in all I'm fairly happy but next time I make a purchase for office furniture I will keep a closer eye on what they have in-stock and what's made to order as a month is a long time to wait.

Great Company

Ordered from these guys many times, they always dispatch quickly and delivery is always spot on. Prices are good too,

The only downside is they often send cd's and box sets in jiffy bags, not as much as they used to though, which sometimes end up damaged before they get to me.

All in all, a very good service. We'll just have to see if it stays that way now the company has been sold.


There is a reason this company is so popular

I have ordered form them for years, any warranty problems are sorted quickly, items are dispatched in a reasonable time frame with the free delivery option and when your stuff gets to you its so well packaged that even Royal Mail can't damage it (....mostly). Prices are great too, not the cheapest but you do get a good service for your money.

You can't fault them.

ASM Retail Solutions Ltd

Very odd - Avoid!

I made an order on the 9th March for a new graphics card, it was about £10 cheaper than Amazon so ever the skinflint I bought it from Their website stated 7 days for delivery on the product page and the info page stated most items are sent within 2-3 days. I waited until Wednesday and decided to send an email to see when it will be dispatched. No reply for two days (Their website says they will reply within 1 day) so I decided to check their reviews on Google only to find out what I should have checked myself before ordering, that they are not the best company to buy from.

I also found that his trading LTD name, ASM Retail Solutions Ltd, is registered to a residential street which likely means that it's a one man band ordering directly from the manufacturer. And that they also used to trade on Amazon, but no more which just helped heap my suspicion.

I decided to open a PayPal dispute, the dispute process did not allow meditation and went straight to the claim process which apparently means their account is frozen. Less than 24 hours later the claim was settled in my favour I assume by them giving me a refund or PayPal forcing them to. But I'll never know because PayPal never tell you.

I also got a lovely email from the company stating my order has been rejected.

What really annoyed me was that if they refunded me straight away or PayPal forced him to then the order was never even dispatched. If I would have waited patiently I wonder how many weeks it would have taken to get it to me.

So all in all one totally wasted week, I should have just ordered from Amazon. Next time I'll check a few reviews first.

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