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Fluctuating price madness

Tesco have lost me as a customer after having to endue the crazy up and down pricing of products.

ie: One week a product is 99p, the next it's £1.49, then it drops down to £1.05 the next week. I don't mind paying a small percentage extra as products rise in price but these guys are increasing products by a high percentage probably hoping that they will catch some customers out.

They are not the only ones at it but are the worse offender. I now shop around and use the discount chains.


Poor Customer Service when there's a fault

Spent £220 on a PAYG HTC phone several months ago with Carphone Warehouse and the staff were very happy to recommend it as it had all the extra features for a good price.

Went in today as I have been having trouble trying to make phone calls from it over the last while and I've had to reset it many times and it still cuts out during calls and then freezes. The staff didn't want to know, told me they would have to send it away for 3 weeks to HTC leaving me phone-less. Refused to give me refund or exchange when asked.

I'll never be back near them ever again.

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