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Stupid and Pointless.

Seriously, I've never known a website that was as big of these two things in the world.


I don't see why everyone hates this place.

In the EGL community, everyone goes pissed about this site.
So, some orders were messed up.
Big deal, could happy everywhere.
Wtf is wrong with these stupid "omg this has to be perfect" people.
Buying online, there's always going to be a mess-up possibility.


Buying and receiving item takes weeks.

I'd much rather use eBay. Half of the stuff on that site isn't even handmade. Just cheap Korean/Chinese knock-offs.

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To the people with no stars

It's not Ecrater that is "scam" or "fraud".
Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, any other place can do the same to you.
It's a marketplace of different sellers,
It's your own fault.
There's going to be scammers everywhere.

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