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Just buy direct from Hong Kong

Maplin used to be a great place for components. They seem to have decided that the electronics market isn't right for them and are now selling piles of cr4p imported from Hong Kong. You can save yourself a lot of money by buying that same cr4p direct from various websites in HK or eBay. The markup Maplin apply is ridiculous.
As far as the components range, I'm disappointed to say that they have been cutting it back to less and less every time I look for something. And adding more price. I'm sure resistors used to be 3p each. Now they're nearly 30p each. Similar products from Farnell are 5p each, but you need to buy 50...

ASM Retail Solutions Ltd

Awful, borderline scam.

After ordering something which claimed to deliver within 7 days, after 5, I hadn't had a dispatch email. After emailing them (they claim to respond in 24 hours) and waiting, I still hadn't heard, so assumed they're a scam and filed a claim with PayPal.
A further 7 days after that, a day or so before the claim was automatically escalated by PayPal, they finally sent the goods which arrived a couple of days later.
In the time it takes for all this to happen, they've dropped the price on their website and quietly ignored my emails to cancel the order or refund the price difference.

During all this time, the only contact I had from them was their automated email system saying order received, paid, dispatched etc. So, zero for cusomter service, zero for delivering on promises, zero for competitive pricing (when they drop the price after you order and still haven't received, it's very annoying)

Unfortunately I need to give them at least one star, even though they deserve no stars.

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