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Sell Your-laptop

Fair, honest and trustworthy.

Why can't all online companies be like these guys? Really, really impressed. A lot of online companies that deal in buying phones, CD's etc.. think they can get away with offering insultingly low prices that treat people as if they are stupid. This company actually gave me a realistic quote, and as such I took up their offer using their excellent courier pickup service, which was with me the next day (Friday). My laptop was with them for inspection by Monday. I was given an adjusted quote after they had inspected my laptop, as one of the laptop speakers had blown. I had always thought the sound was a little on the low side, and assumed this was just down to my laptop having it's speakers on the underside rather than a failed speaker. My quote was reduced by about £68, which is fair as in order to replace the speakers on the model I sold the laptop has to be stripped completely down to the chassis. I accepted the new quote, and was paid by close of business Monday. Very impressed, and would recommend to any friends/those working in I.T.

John Lewis

Click & Collect utterly useless

Ordered an item in the sale on, with Click & Collect to go to my local Waitrose. I then received an e-mail on the day I was due to collect my item, stating "We're sorry to let you know that the recent order you placed with us will not be available for collection from your chosen John Lewis or Waitrose shop at 2pm today. We're very sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but we'll contact you later today to arrange a replacement." Rang customer services on their 0845 number, to be told the parcel had been misrouted (which seems to mean we have no clue where it has been sent) and they would swiftly dispatch a replacement for the next day (Sunday). Great I thought, at least I will have it tomorrow. Then, the next day when I am supposed to collect my replacement, I receive another e-mail "We're sorry to let you know that the recent order you placed with us will not be available for you to collect from your chosen John Lewis or Waitrose shop at 2pm today. It should be with us later today or tomorrow. We will advise you by text/email when your parcel is ready for collection."

Surely, having lost the original package, they would have made an effort to get the replacement sent the next day? No. Rang customer services 0845 number, this time to be put on hold for nearly 10 minutes (I only have a mobile phone so this is expensive for me). Complained this was very poor, to be told "on rare occasions this can happen" and there was basically nothing she could do other than suggest I wait for the parcel to turn up. I have used click and collect services with other retailers such as House Of Fraser in the past, and had no issues whatsoever. Complained that this was crap service, and then was accused of swearing!

I have spent thousands with John Lewis, both instore at their Trafford store and online. In future, I shall be spending exactly £0.00

Seems John Lewis no longer means a good customer experience, and when something goes wrong do not make an effort to ensure the situation is not repeated.

Update - Went to my local Waitrose half an hour before they closed on Sunday, just on the slight chance my order had arrived, and yes, it had! Did I ever get a text message or e-mail to tell me this? NO!!


Cut above the rest

Excellent selection of clothing, but what really impressed me was how my order was packaged. I've ordered online from certain major department stores in the past to find my item arriving in a poly bag inside a courier mailing bag. Not with this company! My top arrived wrapped in tissue paper inside a large strong cardboard box, beautifully folded with tissue paper placed inbetween the folds. The top was perfect, and as expected.


Good experience

I was a customer of this company through Vodafone, as Vodafone use them for their buyback scheme. I was offered £73 for my Blackberry Bold 9900 on upgrading my handset, packaged it all up extra carefully using the original box and sent it off Special Delivery. Having done this, I started to see the negative reviews of this company online and really started to panic! Review sites such as this are excellent, but it is such a shame that people are more inclined to post about negative experiences, rather than positive ones they have had in dealing with a company. After a day of completely unnecessay worrying, I received confirmation my phone had been tested and that it qualified for the full payment of £73 which will be credited to my Vodafone account. I would certainly use this company again!


I have (or had until this week) a account, which I had yet to use to purchase tickets. The other day, I received a booking confirmation e-mail for travel from Sheffield to London St Pancras I had never made. I did not recognise the last four digits of the card details used in the booking, and was referred to as "Miss", rather than "Mr". I called on the 26th June (at 10p per minute), to discover that a telephone agent at had incorrectly associated another person's booking with my profile, and as such I was receiving the e-mails for their booking! I was assured this would be taken care of, and would not happen again. Then, 3 days later, I receive two more e-mails! This time a refund confirmation for the original booking, and a confirmation for a replacement booking! Again, nothing to do with me, and looking at the booking references/travel details provided in the e-mail, it was for the same person as the first e-mail I received in error! And again, I had to pay 10P A MINUTE OF MY MONEY FROM A MOBILE TO SORT OUT SOMEBODY ELSE'S BOOKING!!!! To ensure this does not happen again, I have cancelled my account. A complete load of jokers - how on earth a person can make bookings, and have them end up in another person's account is beyond me. I do not want the risk of this happening to me, hence my cancellation of account. Granted, this mix up may have happened if the customer who made the bookings supplied their e-mail address incorrectly and inadvertently supplied what was mine, but there should be checks in place to ensure this cannot happen! All the operator had to do was check the address on the account. I will never deal with this company, and will warn all my friends and family.

(30/06/13 Just to update this review, someone from thetrainline .com based in what I assume to be their Edinburgh office has contacted me using another review site I posted this review on. They actually seem to want to get to the bottom of this issue and find out what actually happened, why their call centre which I assume to be based overseas from experience of dealing with them cannot offer this same level of customer service I do not know)

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Easy and hassle free

Very impressed - Fair price for phone, easy process (no waiting in a shop for someone to give you a price, test your phone, then say "oooh, we don't have any cash today, can we give you a store voucher?" - you can probably guess which high street chain I'm talking about), and my cheque was even sent to me first class! Only negative comment would be amount of time it takes when you send your phone in by freepost, though I expect this is down to Royal Mail. Will def. use again.



Everything I ordered was available for immediate despatch, and arrived quickly. What I particuarly liked, was that the posters were sent in a tube thin enough to go through my letterbox! Most of the time I order posters for delivery by mail, I end up having to go the the delivery office to collect them as the tube is too big for my letterbox. Posters were all excellent quality in terms of printing and finish.

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