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The customer service is as helpful as that stupid woman on their homepage - i.e. USELESS!

No support WHATSOEVER. Filed a chargeback in the end with my bank to get my money back. Avoid like the plague


If you don't pay for Trustpilot, expect a torrid time.

Having signed up for Trustpilot for my website, I decided not to continue with the paid for service (£800 per month).

All was running well and was getting some good reviews of our service, as would be expected as we offer a great product.

However, having received a couple of negative reviews about our service (which were totally untrue and looked as though they were written by a competitor) I decided to try and comment on them as a company. No such luck as Trustpilot told me my username + password were incorrect. I thought I must have forgotten my password, but it turns out the email address I signed up with wasn't recognised. After about a week of contacting Trustpilot support and trying to convince them that I own the company that I own, finally they told me that the email address I signed up with was "donotallowaccess@xxxxx" - well obviously I would never have signed up with such an email address!! Now because this email address doesn't "go anywhere" , I can't use the "forgot password" link either.

Clearly because I have refused to pay the £800 per month fee, they have prevented me access to the site, and I am now unable to defend my company against some blatantly untrue reviews.

Be warned - if you don't pay Trustpilot a ridiculous amount of money, they were bar access to your company and leave you TOTALLY UNABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST FALSE REVIEWS.

This is nothing short of being a total SCAM. Had I have known this, I would never have signed up with trust pilot in the first place, I just wanted my customers the freedom to express themselves, turns out it was the worst decision I ever made.


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07 August 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Dear David

Thank you for taking time to review us on Trustpilot

I have been through the dialogue you had with our support and talked to the responsible support agent about you ticket.

In this case our procedures do not allow us to send business user (e-mail address) information to a personal Trustpilot account that is not linked directly to the company’s domain (e.g. in many countries this type of information is also protected by the law).

If we just provided this type of information to a personal user, this could be used for hacking or similar illegal activities. So the procedure is actually implemented to protect our users and customers from this type of unwanted activity.

I hope you got the information you needed after you switched to a business e-mail address with the right domain. If not send an e-mail to support@trustpilot.com, ref. ticket #80842.


Tonni Buur
Support Director


Excellent Service

My handset was locked to Orange UK which I bought 2nd hand from ebay, I called up Orange and they said they couldn't unlock it. I contacted this company who unlocked it in 24 hours as they promised. What more could I ask?

Official iPhone Unlock

Orange UK iPhone 4S Unlocked in 24 hours!

I ordered the unlock online, and within 24 hours it was ready. Then all you have to do is plug the phone into iTunes with a new sim card in, and it unlocks! Laughably simple. Definitely worth doing, now I can use my phone in New Zealand and then swap the sim back to the old one when I go home. Highly recommended

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