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Great quality and innovative products, really good vehicle lights

Have this Philips LED rear light for two weeks now, going on the rear of my bike rack. Its just great! Easy to install, easy to use. Screwed on and fixed so no need to worry about some chav stealing it whilst I am doing my groceries! Great light output, very visible from the sides as well. As its a ring of light with a reflector in the middle, cars do see it as a whole area of light when they approach with headlights on. I noticed that cars keep considerably more distance to me when passing in comparison to my previous Trek 7 LEDs blinking light that is actually also very visible from the side. Not sure why, I can only imagine its because it got much more visible light area including from the side, so people are more impressed with it (?). If you don't have a rear rack, you need to buy an additional saddle adapter but it is well worth it. Never felt safer on a bike!

Also got the 80 LUX front light, the light distribution and output is as good as a car's light (1) and for less than 100 Pounds very good value for money. Rechargeable as well, so no need to worry too much about turning it on too early.

Also used Philips Motovision motorbike bulbs and Philips car headlights, both delivered considerably more light than standard bulbs and lasted long enough.

Due to this experience with their vehicle lights, I am now considering to get the Hue LED light solution that I can turn on and off with my phone! Can also set the light colour I see, would be a nice gift to myself this Christmas!


Very happy with customer service

I bought two reelight lights online for my girlfriend's bike (she loves to go out in a hurry and of course she has no time to grab the lights...fail!). The SL620 rear light worked fine from the start, but I had issues with the front SL520 not working or only very intermittently.

I contacted Reelight customer service months after I got the lights and didn't even have the receipt any more (had to go to hospital and was off work for a while). I explained the situation and expected the usual back and forth but to my surprise customer service just wanted to have my shipping address and a few days later I got a perfectly working SL520 front light in the post! Top notch, can't get better than that!


Technically sound, but fraudsters

I placed the order for a top quality, Italian made LPG system conversion on my car. What I got instead was a a "throw in whats left on the workshop shelf" system, with all possible traceable and not traceable possible origins and makes that didn't work and could potentially have damaged my car engine permanently! Am very close to take them to court for damages and compensation and lawyer said I could take up with the police as its a fraud!


Great product availability, user interface and good price

I had very specific requirements when I came to choose my summer tyres and wheels. I wanted a specific type of tyre which had been tested in a German magazine and wanted them with the OEM steel wheels. All I had to do was to enter the car's make and model and I got an instant result on the wheels, with all the possible measurements displayed, making sure that this is the wheel type I really wanted! On other sites I would have to painfully look up all possible measurements, from rim size to middle hole diameter and type of struts and then just hope it is the correct one....On Oponeo I got top quality made wheels and tyres for instant availability, paid by paypal and got both Yokohama tyres and KFZ wheels within a week. I think they could make the wheel's box a little sturdier and put some bubble wrap around them though, as the box nearly disintegrated, still I couldn't see any apparent damage on the wheels and give it an overall good experience review with reasonable value for money.

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