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Macbook Air

As a Graphic Designer, I've used Mac computers for many years. About 6 months ago, I invested in a Macbook Air as I needed something light and powerful for when I have to travel. It still amazes me how much they pack into such a small machine. From the first moment going online to buy until my new computer arrived, it was a total pleasure. Ten out of ten every time.


Best decision I ever made

I checked online for my wedding dress because I can't afford the high prices in the shops. A friend recommended Laila Monroe (in Ireland) so I took a look and I tried live chat with one of the customer support team.

WOW. Yes, I just wrote "wow". What a pleasant change. It was a real person with a great attitude (and sense of humour), no prepared script and nothing was too much trouble. I told her I liked one particular dress but wanted it with a few changes. No problem she said. In fact, she told me that they can make ANY dress I like if I send them a picture of it and all dresses are made to custom size, including plus sizes at no extra cost. I placed my order and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

My dress arrived 6 weeks later, beautiful designer quality and when I checked similar designs in the high street stores, for similar quality I would have paid $1,200 - $1,500 but with Laila Monroe, I paid less than $500. Would I recommend Laila Monroe to my friends? I already have. And when I'm looking for custom made dresses, this is where I'll come.


First choice

When I travel to Asia (quite a lot) my first preference is always KLM / Air France. In general, I have always had a great experience. The online booking system is easy and no complaints there. On board, staff are friendly and helpful and again, no problems there.

My only complaint would be the "Flying Blue" program. I can't access my account for the last three or four years and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get any assistance. When I try to retrieve my password, it produces a "clue" that means nothing to me and it's not one I entered.

It is so frustrating!!!!


Facebook without users

I love Facebook so so do I only give it two stars? A number of reasons.

1 Without Members, Facebook would not exist. Yet they treat members with contempt. Their system prompts me to add new suggested users but when I do, they stop me by saying I don't know them. In some cases, this happens despite me having 7 or 8 mutual friends with that person.

2 One of my friends sent a "friend request" to someone she thought she knew. That person reported her and my friend was banned for a week from making any friend requests. No chance to explain or anything, just treated her with contempt.

3 Worst of all, there are many business pages who use Facebook to gain new customers and then scam them. These sites use images that breach copyright and they block anybody who posts a negative comment or asks a question they don't like. While we can be blocked and scammed by these businesses, there is no way on Facebook for us to report these companies who abuse Facebook. So Facebook has become a tool for these businesses to cheat people and we have no voice.

Facebook is great and I love it but they need to remember that it would be nothing without it's members.


Fast, efficient and no problems

I've shopped on ASOS three times now and always found it to be a good positive experience. For most clothing items off the rail, I can strongly recommend ASOS. Good selection, good prices and good service.

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