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It's got a great website. The call operators are friendly enough and they dispatched my item quickly.
The big problem they have is with their courier who told me they could only deliver to me 9 days after dispatch. Not good when made.com advertise a rapid dispatch and delivery on the item.
That's when I learned they are not good at dealing with a problem.!They seem to practice the art of fobbing off. Had a promising 'see what I can do' mail eventually, 3 days after contacting to see if the delivery could be brought forward. Then nothing! Spent a lot of time trying to get an acceptable service...still waiting.
I really hope the item arrives intact. I can't face having to deal with them if there is a another problem. Ugh!

28 August 2013

Reply from MADE.COM

Hello Lesley

We take pride in our customer service team, so it's a real shame to see that they weren't able to help in this instance. We don't have much influence over the dates that there are delivery crews in your area, but it is very unusual for delivery to take place so long after despatch.

Of course we will review the service that you've received, and make sure that everything possible is done to help you out - we appreciate how important it is to get a good service when things do go wrong.

Kind regards


City Link


Yet again a next day parcel delivery failed to turn up yesterday. Of course the only way you know it isn't going to arrive is when you look on the tracker at the end of the day to see it has gone back to the, in my case Exeter, depot. You hope that it is actually loaded on to the van the next day, although after a few no show deliveries over the past 6 months, it is a standing joke in our house that it turns up if and when it does. Don't know what the problem is.....poor organisation, overloaded couriers, complete lack of interest in customer care, but from the Exeter experience the organisation is a joke! Others do it much better!!! It has reached the point where if I buy anything by ebay I will insist the seller does not send it through City link.

Aquabliss LTD

Helpful, efficient and good value for money. The tops!

It is ALWAYS a hassle when you are putting in a new bathroom. So anything which makes it easier is great.
So impressed with the helpful service, quality of the goods and the ease of delivery. As another reviewer said why would you go anywhere else?
Has made the whole process less stressful...can't wait to get the job finished now.


Could do much better!

Love the look of the radiator I bought.
But.....when I phoned at 3pm. to check on its delivery, scheduled by you for today, I was told the item had NOT been put on the delivery van and would be delivered tomorrow.
I was very annoyed that no one had phoned to tell me and I had waited in all day.
I was asked if I wanted to speak to a manager. The manager did not introduce himself, had not been briefed about my problem by the original call taker and failed to apologise. I was called back about 10 mins. later by the original call taker to say the delivery would be made in the next hour. It was, at 4.00pm.
I was clearly told an untruth as the radiator WAS on the van for delivery although it would not have been delivered today if I had not phoned you. Not the way to treat customers!
I have been generous with 3 stars because the product is good and the call taker I spoke to was very pleasant if inaccurate.

20 March 2012

Reply from Theplumbstore

The radiator was delivered on the day that had been agreed at the time the original order was placed. At no stage was the customer not told the truth and everything was done to ensure that the delivery was completed as per our original agreement.

The radiator did not arrive from the manufacturer until midday therefore; it had missed both the morning and afternoon delivery services. After speaking with the customer and explaining the situation, we arranged further transport to deliver the radiator later in the afternoon.

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