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"After reading many reviews on other sites about this company taking orders and then notifying the customer that the item was not in stock, I chose to notify the company first to find out if my glasses were in stock before I placed the order. Here is the response I received from [Name]:

Dear xxxxxx,

The item you've specified is in stock.

Please let us know if you are interested in placing an order with us.
Thank you

I then placed the order and this is the email I received this morning:

You have recently placed an order for a pair of . Unfortunately, after checking our inventory (numerous times), it seems we do not have any more available for immediate shipment.

We have contacted and received a tentative availability date of April 6. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are doing everything within our power to get your order fulfilled as quickly as possible.

We would still appreciate the opportunity to complete this order, but we will understand if you decide not to wait and request a cancelation. Please follow the link below to let us know if you prefer to wait or to cancel this order.

I would have gladly waited until April 6th to get the glasses but [Name] (to me) blatantly lied to me to get my order in hoping I would just let the order go through and wait. Either way, they have a system that does not work. If she cannot tell what is in stock, she should not make promises that are not true. Their system should automatically show on the website if an item is out of stock.

Prices are great. Too bad their operation is not. "

Just received this response:

Dear xxxxx,

At the time of the conversation , theses glasses were in stock.

We can confirm that the credit card, you've provided us with , has never been charged.

Please let us know how we could assist you further.
Thank you

Really? I find it hard to believe that in less than 12 hours, those glasses went out of stock. Now as an owner of multiple companies, I would have told the customer that there is a low amount of items in stock so please hurry, or better yet, I can hold a pair for you. Knowing that this is a potential customer who has been reading not so great things about our company but is trying us out anyway. [Name], you dropped the ball. You could have easily made a new customer if you were just up front about the glasses. Good Lord, so many people in business and yet they have no idea how to run a company.

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