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Well probably BT needs to step up a gear as there is a lot of comparison in the market place. We've got a different provider for our phone that is much cheaper than BT. The company that we are with has other products that are also cost effective.

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A great company that has every product from your hair to your feet! I've always had a good experience at this store. The staff are always very helpful and if they haven't got the product they will do their very best to get hold of it for you:-)

Ann Summers Ltd

Ann.. you've got everything a girl needs..

Yes for pleasure I shop at Ann summers they've got some really great8 products that are so exciting. No I'm not scared to discuss it with you welcome to the 21st century:-) and thank you Ann for spicing up my life:-)



Sky where shall I start..I'll think I'll start with 'expensive' and then I'm going to say 'outdated' then I’m going to say F1 coverage...really annoyed my dad as he's an avid fan.

So; expensive + outdated + NO F1 on a channel which you also pay for = Don’t get sky!!


Slap your Facebook

Been on it for years! It's a good site until you find out what it's actually for and how they are going to make money from it! Yes 10billion is going to be small change by the time they’ve finished.

Well done Mark you’re a genius:-)


Amazon... or should I say Amaizing!

If you've never use Amazon then go and buy yourself something. They just don't do books! they do everything and the goods will be with you the next day!!

What could be better order a live concert DVD on the Thursday it arrives on the Friday you watch with your mates on surround sound (loud) on the Saturday with a drink or two...

A great site;-)


BBC..what crap!

Can't believe we pay a licence subscription for this load of rubbish. Programmes are poor. The news tries to brainwash you. Radio one DJ's think they are rock gods! And they waste tax payer’s money on sending millions of reporter to report on things like the winter Olympic Games...

Hey maybe that's my calling I should be a BBC reporter who's doing a documentary on the Foo fighters and reviewing their world tour... and I’ll do it for expenses only..?


Tickets more

A great cheap website for concert tickets, Just booked to go and see Madona. She's a bit old school but hey.. she rocks!!

Cinema Discount

Cinema Discount

One cool little idea which I'd thought it up!..Discount cinema tickets I use this website a lot for tickets, well worth a visit:-) just go and check it out!

Www Doginsurance


We I've got two dog who are called Jordan and Britney they are really cool and they look after me.

I've just renewed their insurance and after searching around I found the best comparison site which was far better and much cheaper than any of those other expensive price comparison sites which you see on Tv.

So if you're reading this which you're obviously are not! then pay a visit to



M&S are great8

Well I work for M&S they are a fab company and really look after you. Love the food which I am a really big fan off:-) Great store which has got everything you need tiny bit pricy, however if you want to go to Aldi then be my guest..


Ripoff-jet why do they call it Easyjet

Went to Ibiza with my friends last summer we had a ball. However getting there was an absolute nightmare.. Thank god for websites like this where I can tell all you lot reading not to get a flight with Easy-jet they are really expensive and to put it mildly really shit. They don’t care about you, your luggage, your wellbeing, your dignity or anything…all they want is your money and they are not cheap so take it from me done fly with these muppets!!!!

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kerris keen
Female, 1982
Nottingham, United Kingdom


Who am I?
Hi my name is Kerris keen, I am a Brazilian and I now live in Nottingham with my Mum and Dad. Have just left school and looking for a job. I Work part time in Boots and M&S which gives me some money for my freedom!! I like going to concerts and my favourite band is Green Day and the fooooo fighters of course! I’ve got two dogs called Jordan & themx