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Online shopping

Excellent, no complaints at all. I would recommend ASDA. Most of the time they are cheaper than Tescos, my other main online shopping outlet.


Cable TV/Telephone/Broadband Package

Excellent. Had problem with connection to Broadband and they came out next day to sort it. Plus They gave me a refund of the days charges. Cant wait for the double-speed upgrades.


degradation of PCWorld

Recently I had to have my Computer repaired. Before the Changes I could take my desktop in and they would take it and within a few days it would be checked and repaired. Last time however I had to make an appointment (two weeks delay) and it had to be sent away. I use my Computer for almost everything including my banking and bill payments. i cannot afford any unnecessary delay. i will not use PCworld again unless they return to their previous practices. Before the last repair I would have given PCWorld 5 stars. Comet take over has been BAD for PCWORLD.

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Online Shopping Good

I have found Tesco to be good for online shopping. However It is a nuisance that I cannot use my Electron Card and have to use a Credit Card to purchase online.

Pet Supermarket

Only One Complaint

Everything with the order was very good but there is only one complaint (one I have made before) regarding the quality of the Harrisons Premier Parrot Mix. The Food Mix itself is excellent and my Parrot loves it (especially the dried peppers). However the last 3 Bags i have ordered have also contained small grey/brown Moths and Larvae (revealed when the bag was opened) , which inturn are infesting my home, as I cannot seem to get rid of all of them. Apart from that everything else is excellent and the cockatiel mix is unaffected. There is one thing also, a minor problem, everytime I order the Parrot Mix (about 3 to 6 months a time) the price seems to have increased substantially, ( now at over £40 per bag) but I perservere as I have not, as yet, been able to locate a similar and less expensive mix.

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