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fantastic, very happy, thanks

fantastic, very happy, thanks fantastic, very happy, thanks fantastic, very happy, thanks

La Gondola

delightful people and good attention to detail

We bought our La Pavoni Pro PLH from this company, it was our third attempt after receiving faulty machines and misleading information from Coffee Italia and then My Espresso, both in the UK.

I found them on Amazon and then read the great reviews here and then called them in Italy. The fellow I spoke to was charming and after I explained our experience, he said he would check the machine himself. I felt I could trust him and decided to pay via their website rather than through Amazon, a bit cheaper, and still with Paypal so I felt covered there. He said to put a note with the payment to ask for 'a physical check of the body of the machine, not just its function' .

The machine arrived about a week later and was perfect. I was a bit concerned that it didn't have any extra packing material but it seems to have survived the trip anyway and we have been very happy it.

The price of the machine was pretty much the same from all the sellers but this last one was so much nicer to deal with and seemed to take extra care to check the machine before shipping.

We are finally there after a bit of a saga, and I am now a bit more savvy about buying online!


okay, but some concerns

We bought a La Pavoni Pro from this co. after a poor experience with Coffeeitalia. We chose this company b/c we assumed from the presentation of its website http://lapavoniuk.com/ that it was THE La Pavoni co. in the UK - Not so. This company is in fact a supplier only, it is an authorised supplier among quite a few others if you look on the La Pavoni Italy website, but I did not discover this situation until after we received our faulty machine and I called La Pavoni in Italy.

The fellow we spoke to originally at Myespresso (who I thought was La Pavoni UK) was however helpful and delivered the machine 2 days later, however there were a number of cosmetic problems with it, the worst being an area where the chrome was peeling off and another where it was patchy with the base metal showing through. Having had a problem with the previous company I immediately called the Myespresso fellow who at first tried to tell me that this was how the machines always came however after I had sent photos he then agreed to a return and refund which he enabled quickly and to his credit with no fuss whatsover over the next few days. While this was happening, I came across the extremely negative reviews on this site and discovered he was not the UK La Pavoni, hence wanting a refund not a replacement.

Apart from these negatives though, our experience was okay in that he honoured the return and refund without any problem, and was always quick and courteous to respond to calls or emails. The credit card co. (VISA) took an extra 2 days to process the transaction.

My lasting concern was not so much the faulty machine but that I had been taken in by the website and thought I was dealing with La Pavoni not Myespresso, hence this review to point this out to others. In their favour, they are UK based, quick to deliver/replace or refund, and do carry out service (not that we used this), but they are not La Pavoni UK.


repeatedly slow to respond, poor customer service

We bought a La Pavoni Professional, I called their London phone number to check if in stock, paid by Paypal then waited 2 weeks for machine having expected about 2 days. Countless calls never returned or answered. Machine arrived with cracked glass tube, so fed up by this stage I wanted a refund not a replacement as I had now found out that the company was actually based in Italy and I was concerned for future servicing or if we would need to wait another month and risk further problems. They agreed to return and refund and were polite at this point. However it took ages for them to acknowledge receipt of the machine and actually make the refund through Paypal. I paid for the machine on 30/01/12 and the refund came 12/03/12, after many emails chasing them, during which time my husband was convinced we'd never get our money back. I do not believe they are dishonest, apart from the impression that they are UK based, but their customer service and response time is extremely poor. They need to manage people's expectations of timings far better. I would not recommend them and would be concerned about their ability for afterservice.

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