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Still the best but their getting commercial

Apple makes the best quality OS software, a solid suite for organizing your photos, songs, etc, and they package it all in elegant and solid hardware. Their products are expensive but they last longer so you probably recuperate the extra cost. Some of their popular items (most notably the iPad) seem a little frivolous, and are actually more design objects than highly functional machines. I would suggest the MacBook Pro and the iPhone (just don't break or lose it!) for anyone who has the means. Also, don't get locked into an expensive phone contract and data plan.


File under Google--unavoidable

Where else are you going to get your videos? Dailymotion is prettier but they just don't have as many videos.


The best for iPod users

Their selection is still a little wonky (though still huge). It's still not a convincing way to buy music for some people and it feels a little boxed in by weird contracts with artists. Still doesn't feel like a record store.


Well I guess we have no choice

Google just has the best results. You kind of wish a cooler, non-corporate alternative would come along, but so far no luck. And Bing is not a serious option!


Interesting, but what's the point?

I signed up a while back, and occasionally check it out, but if you don't spend all day on Twitter, you can do everything on it on Facebook. Only a certain kind of person really needs Twitter.


The recent design overall did a lot of good

They used to be kind of running out of steam, but their new design makes them once again the best platform for emerging artists to advertise show dates, album releases etc. Also a great way for people to discover new music.


A lifesaver when overseas

While spending a year in Europe, Skype made it so that my family was never too far. Either the paid service or the free service is worth doing. (Maybe cancel your expensive long distance plan and get the phone app too!)


Safe and secure, but not always clear

Paypal does not inform you of the commission they take on certain transactions. They took 4% of a purchase I made without detailing it before. I don't mind paying commission but this needs to be clearer.


The powerhouse of online Hostel booking

Hostelworld is safe, and their reservation policy is clear. They have the largest selection of any booking site for hostels, b&bs, and cheap hotels. You may find very slightly cheaper prices on local sites but overall Hostelworld is your best bet.

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