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Would use again, totally recommended.

Over the last few years I have sent 2 of my own phones and family members have sent phones to them. I also used them once at work where I sent them 18 business mobiles.

Every transaction with them has been smooth, fast and painless. Just follow there easy instructions and you wont have any problems. Also their prices seem to be consistently better than their competitors who I have never used because I never needed too.


Failed order but refunded in full

I had a similar experience to some of the other reviews here.
I ordered a PC case that was in stock on their website and listed as in stock in the order confirmation email. After a few days I was contacted to say that due to issues with TNT losing stock they were unable to fulfill my order right now and they couldn't tell me when it would be fulfilled.

The difference in my experience compared to some of the other reviews here is that for that I asked for a full refund and the money was returned to my credit card by the next day.


Terrible product and a weak attempt to cover it up

Firstly I would like to say that mostly the service from Meaco has been very good, it however progressively became worse. The dehumidifier though was not so great from the beginning.

It was noisier than I expected it to be given the description, even when running on low. I did not get much chance to test it though as it worked for about 15 minutes before it went bang and the fan stopped working. Red check light was lit which meant I had to return it to the retailer.

It also gave off a nasty unhealthy plastic smell from the start which might would have gotten better with time but I never had a chance to find out.

The plastics that the unit was made of is also looked and felt cheap and it did not feel like value for money.

The wattage used on Turbo mode was 736W according to my very accurate inline power meter and not 620W as listed in the Technical Data on their website.

Meaco gave me a refund as I was not prepared to waste anymore of my time with this product.

So I am back to using my compressor based dehumidifier that I have been using for the last 2 years.

The main reason for my bad review is that when I tried to post my honest negative review on their website they refused to put it up. They pretended they were too busy and after 3 weeks of me hassling them they lost my review. I think this is very dodgy to only put up the good reviews of their products and for this reason I will do not trust them.

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Appliance City

Great prices and service, what more could you ask for?

I ordered a washing machine and tumble dryer from them on Sunday. By Tuesday the called me to arrange delivery for Thursday and they delivered at 9:30am for a 9am to 12pm delivery slot.

Goods are in perfect condition. Excellent communication throughout.

If I had ordered the same machines from a popular high street retailer it would have cost me 30% more than what I paid. So in the end I am very happy, couldn't ask for more.


The best of the best

Still the best place to buy goods online. Usually has the lowest price. Service is always excellent and they have a huge range of products. Added to this is the no argument return policy and you have a winner. The only place they could improve is they could make their website easier to navigate and search for items. Sometimes you might not know exactly what you are looking for and it can be difficult to browse.


All is not what it seems

I received an xbox 360 game from them that clearly was not new. They sold it as a new game and what they sent was an original disc that had been refurbished and put in a non-original dvd case. I complained about this. All they advised was that I send it back to them for a refund. They ignored my comments about the game not being new.

Mysteriously they never received the game even after 4 weeks and it has not been returned to me. I clearly labeled the to and from on the padded envelope. I did not have proof of postage and they are using this as an excuse. I have sent many parcels from my work address and all have been received within a day or two.

Deal with them at your own risk.

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