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Best for water bottles.

I was going to use Sigg originally but after research I decided that I wanted a bottle without any sort of inner liner, and in it's past history Sigg had issues with theirs, leaking BPA's, I am unsure whether that issue has been resolved and decided to get a bottle that is pure stainless steel, not aluminum and without inner coating of plastic. The Glogg is great, you know you have a safe bottle and they are durable. Great company to buy from. Their bottles could do with some stylish designs on the outside like Sigg, hopefully that will happen eventually.


Great for trading in dvds and games, even cd's.

I use CEX often and have little problem with their service. There have been hiccups but generally they are reasonable, though there is a glaring disparity between the trade in value of the item you exchange and the vast amount of profit they make on it. Still they are convenient and have a lot of stock to choose from; a lot of which isn't available in other stores, for example older game cube and x box stuff that is harder to find these days, that other shops don't stock.


Best Documantaries.

It's great for documentaries, easier to get along with than the rest, BBC you need to install a program to watch theirs, and C4 has some great comedy shows at the moment. You can also have your say in the comments too which is good. The only irksome thing is the advertisements but they are everywhere these days and the programs need to be funded somehow. So much variety for each demographic, but it's those documentaries that do it for me, so many available across broad spectrum of tastes.


Best search engine.

So useful, it's my homepage because I use it so much. I see it as the threshold for online activity. The internet just wouldn't be the same without it.


Great for those addictive games...

They have some great games that usually play on any PC, hidden object games seem to be their most popular. They have enough variety there to keep anyone in the family happy. Worth checking out.


Should have gone to...

Seriously messed around by them. They couldn't fit a pair of gas permeable lens after 3 attempts. It was the opticians 1st time. They sent out someone else to deal with the fitting but he went on the previous opticians measurements which had been wrong the two previous times so that was useless. Customer service gave the usual spiel like they had practiced time and again. Unacceptable, but it's places like this that lose custom to spec savers. It may cost more but it's worth it in the long run.


The place to go to keep updated with the latest in cinema.

I find this site so useful for the latest films. It has brought to my attention so many documentary films that I might otherwise have missed. Can't fault it at all. If you like obscure cinema then it's here or if you like mainstream block busters then it's also here, all up to date which is great.


So much hate on this site but otherwise...

great for looking up music documentaries or anything you can imagine really. I have been using the site for 4 years and have seen so much right across the spectrum. I use it as a kind of dictionary in a way, I search videos for opinions and other peoples take on a subject, most people use for entertainment but it can be so informative and that's how I prefer to use it. It takes some time to get used to the way people use their accounts to spread propaganda hate and misinformation, but apart from that it's pretty good. Lot's of bugs on the site but that's only a small bother.


The best for books.

I use Amazon all the time, they are fast to deliver and reliable. After so many purchases over the years I haven't had a single problem. I don't know how they do it. I just wish that other online stores took a leaf out of their book.

Fitness Superstore

Very bad customer service.

Take heed of the 1 star ratings and read carefully because they aren't kidding. I don't know what it is about these fitness companies but they all seem to have atrocious customer service. What does it take to get some simple gym equipment. They all take the money and give you promises then mess you around for weeks. It is so hit and miss.


5 stars.

Ordering on line is simple and fast delivery too. In store always helpful as well. Been using them weekly for well over 12 years now at varying stores, which ever happens to be closer as at the time, I even go to their stores when on holiday and never a problem. The only thing I could say is that they could supply more Vegan products. Other than that faultless.

Excellent place to buy from.

Never had one problem and have bought so many games books and dvds from them. They are very fast to post. I have bought from sellers that use play to sell and also have never experienced any problems from them. I usually find that Play are the cheapest too and the free post is attractive.

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Powerhouse Fitness

Avoid. They will leave you so frustrated and wondering what happened to your£

They promise to deliver within a week in time for Christmas. Now it's well over 2 months. I have been having to chase them up and have had the phone hung up before I could even say anything. Put through to any but the right department. Unanswered emails/complaints. When I get through or get a response I get told next week each time and given excuse after excuse. I don't know how I remained so polite. I feel as if I have been scammed. Avoid there are better suppliers that can deliver and have better customer service.

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