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Sky high prices

We were with Sky for 18 months in the house we just moved from. We had been with Talktalk and were fed up with them because we kept losing our broadband connection about 10pm every evening.
The man who I spoke to promised me my bill would never go above £22, including my rental. Infact, Our first bill was £49. I rang up and queried it. I was told I was paying for a month in advance too, and that our next bill would be far lower. The next bill was £39. I called again. I waited 25 minutes and did not get through. When I checked my bill I realised my call was not free so I did not call again. My subsiquent bills were all around the £40. I was on anytime calls, even though I am not a phonecall person and rarely use the phone, and unlimited broadband. I never did get an answer as to why my bills were so high.
We have just moved and on receiving our final bill noticed that once again they have overcharged us. They have billed us right into mid April. I have emailed them several times about this. Their response to this was to thank me for informing them of my change of email address, the one thing I have not changed!! I have even put in a formal complaint. I will not pay the bill until they sort it out.
I have since heard of lots of others that are suffering similar - promises of low bills then much higher bills when it comes to it. I would never touch Sky again. I wouldn't even give them one star if I was allowed!


Top Search Engine

I don't think you can fault Google, and they put a lot of thought into their cartoons. I use it as a search engine all the time.


Pick and Choose

I have bought and sold lots of things on Amazon, and use them in tandom with Ebay. Be careful, some things are pricey, and if you buy things direct from Amazon, as I have, the packers are not terribly careful. I have also twice bought dodgy DVDs and had to send them back.
If you sell DVDs or books, you can often get a better price on Amazon, so it's worth checking. The negative is the postage is set, so you can't change it if your item is heavier, so you will have to up your price to compensate.


HTC Desire - wouldn't change a thing :)

I have the above on contract (about 14 months now) and as the title says - I wouldn't change a thing. My son got one first, he raved about it so much that I got one too. It took me a couple of hours of playing to get used to it but it's so user friendly, you just put everything where you want it, it's basically a pick and mix of the things you love best on the screen.
The screen is large and clear and the photos are crisp and clear. I even watch films on it on iplayer.
When my contract is up I will simply upgrade to a newer HTC. They're brilliant


Don't leave home without it....

I use this site constantly, in tandom with other sites the information in it is invaluable. I have recently moved house, and needed information on phone companies, broadband, electricity and gas and finally home insurance. I saved hundreds of pounds going through Moneysavingexpert and using the cashback expect a tidy sum back too.


A necessary evil

Paypal is a bank. I hate banks. I hate all banks. But Paypal in particular because it monopolizes in a way that most banks don't. You HAVE to use them for purchases through Ebay - you have no choice, unless you're paying COD. It's also extremely expensive, taking percentages at every turn.
I have another reason to hate Paypal. Recently I was scammed for £356 for a transaction I did not make. True, Paypal picked it up and emailed me - they noticed it before I did. But it should never have gone through, I have no idea how it did. It took a long time for it to be reversed. In the meantime, the transaction went through my bank. It bounced, as I did not have enough in my account to accommadate it, I got charged, and had to fight it. This should not have even made it to my account. Having realised it was a fraudulant transaction it should surely have just been reversed? Trying to talk to someone about it was also an impossibility.
The other thing is that Paypal also insist you have a credit card as a back up. Not everyone has one. We have one but only for Paypal, and would like to get rid of it.


Ebay? Eh, but...

I use Ebay a lot, it's great to buy, but hellish expensive to sell. For this reason I now tend to sell in local Freeads or Gumtree, as once you've paid listing fees, selling fees, paypal fees - well you're hardly left with enough to stick in your ear so to speak.
Don't get me wrong, you can get great bargains. Which is great for you. Just not so good for the poor seller. So don't be a seller on Ebay - be a buyer :)


Shopping online saves me money :)

I enjoy shopping shopping along with the next woman.. But unfortunately I don't enjoy good health so I tend to shop online. I have shopped with Tesco online for many years. Only twice have I had to complain, and that hasn't been to do with the online process, but with the product, which could have happened anywhere. The drivers are always pleasant, the deliveries are always on time, and the products are always exactly as ordered.
The main reason I enjoy shopping online is that it saves me money. If I'm on a budget I can go back and remove things to drop my final bill, something that can be very difficult to do in situ, There's also the benefit of letting someone else do all the work!

Simply Appliances

Brilliant service - Brilliant product

Please DO NOT listen to the negative comments on this site. I ordered my hob from Simply Appliances and then panicked after I read the reviews. I emailed Scott that night and had a phone call back from him the next morning to reassure me that he would not take my money and run.
He did not have the hob in stock, but told me he would have it in the following week. He called me then when it was on it's way. It was considerably cheaper than elsewhere, so I was happy to wait,
It is possible that customers have had to wait for deliveries and instead of getting in touch to find out what is going on have taken to the internet to air their frustrations. These comments cannot then be retracted. I am happy to be contacted personally to be asked about my experience with Simply Appliances - thank you Scott and I will be back in the future for a cooker hood :)

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