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Used once only.

Quite good but too expensive for quality of card recieved. I would use in an emergency only.


Generally quite good

Better than ebay - that's for sure.


Too many changes all the time.

Just when you feel that you are settled with this account you suddenly find the layout, the rules and how they use you for developing sales contact lists to sell on to merchendisers makes me suspicious of the true motives of this company.


Tescos in Beijing is cheaper

The only Tescos I have used in the last 6 years is in Beijing. Why none in Spain?


Toilets out on the wings

Be sure before you use this airline that you fully understand what you are paying and exactly what you get in return. Soon I understand you will have to pay extra for a seat like on British Rail.


A good service with some buts....

The buts are that it is of course directly owned by paypal or visa versa and is run too much on an autocratic basis with no means of communication, telephone or email. Therefore just as aloof as Paypal and seen by many of my collegues as arogant.


The idea is good and generally it is exercised well.

Abysmal scommunications. Every problem experienced is refered to an auto-response system on the basis of one size fits all. You cannot telephone anybody, you cannot even email anybody. The service is far too impersonal and out of touch with people's needs. It is also ver autocratic in its delivery

Parts Gateway

Very good indeed - thank you!

The serice I recieved was vey good.

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