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Not bad, but not best.

While I like to concept of cashback sites, I find Quidco doesn't quite cut it for the average shopper.

Now my very first use of Quidco (2011) was when buying a new TV, as you might imagine the cashback was a decent amount and covered the Quidco fee straight away, meaning any further cashback in the year was 100% mine.

But that's when the cracks started to show. As I entered into 2012, it became apparent to me that the £5 Quidco fee would be taking a lot of my cashback. I can't speak for others, but I am not buying TV or high priced electronics on a regular basis. So the small amounts of cashback I was getting was being eaten away by their annual fee.

While I haven't had any significant issues, using Quidco simply became pointless. The only gripe I do have is their customer service is useless. Instead of deleting my account on request, they simply told me about all the new things they had since I joined. How you could miss understand the heading "Delete account" is beyond me.

I have since moved onto another cashback site, that is quicker to reach the payable stage and takes no annual fee and tends to offer slightly better cashback rates as well.


Good all-around service

I've made many orders from this site over the past couple of years and only two of those had any issues. Both were handled quickly and professionally.

I find them to be extremely reliable with good prices (considering most stock is sourced from the US) although I do wish they could find a way to improve their despatch speed and delivery costs.



While I only have only used them one time, everything went without a hitch.
Easy to navigate site with a good selection of items, simple checkout feature (and allows paypal which is a bonus) and a good quick service all around.

They dispatched the item same day as ordering and was delivered the following morning via royal mail. After coming out of a poor experience with another store of this nature, I was a little cautious about trying a new online store. But after this experience I can honestly say they will be getting repeat business from me. Very happy.

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Concept issues

Today I found I was unable to login to Trustpilot. The reason maybe that I was trying to access the .com domain rather than the co.uk domain and having a UK IP address may have caused a security concern (IE: potential fake reviewer). For that I am unsure of and the customer support completely evaded my entire email when I contacted them.

But it brought up an interesting issue for me. The whole social media connection is a big turn off for some reviewers. I have no shame in admitting that I have bought from and therefore reviewed on Trust-pilot; online adult toy shops and that is the problem.

While I may not have an issue reviewing these stores, I of course do not want it linked to my social media accounts in anyway what so ever as I obviously connect with relatives which could lead to some awkward moments.

In that case, should I want to leave genuine feedback, I would be forced to create a fake facebook profile (which is just as easy as making a new email), which undermines the whole point of using facebook logins to avoid fake reviews.

Rather than use social media, perhaps a better solution would be to make trust-pilot require a mobile/cell device to activate your account here and that number can only be associated with one account at a time. Removal of a number would mean the profile becomes inactive until a new valid number is associated with it again.

This way privacy is kept for the customer reviewing a site and will also limit the number of fake reviews as most people do not carry multiple mobile phones. Just a thought.

While the concept of trust-pilot is a good one and has certainly helped me chose to shop at (or not) a specific store, there are far better ways to try and eliminate fake reviews than social media.

21 November 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi and many thanks for your constructive feedback.

I totally understand teh fact that you don't want to publicly share on Facebook that you have reviewed a certain company. It is actually possible to deactivate social settings. If you login to your profile, then click on your picture and Choose "Go to my profile", then find and click on "Edit my settings" and finally "My social settings". There you will be able to deactivate the option to share your reviews on your wall.
Alternatively you can also go on Facebook >> Account Setting >> Apps >> Trustpilot and choose "Only me" as for who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook timeline.
We hope that this would be helpful for you as well as other users.
We are currently working on new identification methods and we will certainly take your idea into consideration.

Kind regards,
Bertrand Carton


Fast and reliable

I've been with VM since the Blueyonder days and have never considered leaving. While the customer service centres aren't as good as they used to be back in the BY days (when they were UK based), the internet service is top notch.

The cable speed in the West Yorkshire areas seem to be perfect, I am always getting full speed from my currently 50mb (soon to be upgraded to 100mb and finally 120mb for free) even during peek times.

I wonder certainly recommend the cable internet service.

Bedroom Pleasures


I've made two orders from this company, while the first order was dealt with swiftly the 2nd order (after new management) was not as smooth.

I placed an order that meant I could have next day special delivery for free, all items where listed as in stock. While the item did arrive "next day" there was a 3 day delay before it was despatched. Kind of pointless having a next day delivery if you wait 3 days before sending!

I sent them two emails in that time, neither was replied to.

As far as the items go, everything was as the website described it.

Overall not a terrible experience, but certainly makes me think twice before using them again.

13th/nov/2012 edit: I gave them another chance. My order was less than £13 (with 1st class post) the item was claimed to be in stock and still is shown that way. However it still shows as pending on my account after a week of waiting.

In my honest opinion I really believe that this company does not keep any stock and they simply order it in as orders come in through the site, hence the long waits people are receiving. The terrible (or more accurately non-existent) customer service also leaves a terrible taste in ones mouth. I gave them a second chance and I honestly wish I hadn't bothered. Needless to say I will never use them again.

I have no idea what happened to them since my first purchase with them, but what ever it was, it has forever turned me away from them.

21/11/2012 edit: So after finally receiving an email I was told they didn't in fact have stock and that it would come on Monday (19th) no surprise there having read other reviews. Come Wednesday (two weeks since I made the order) no item. At this point I ordered elsewhere and rang bedroompleasures to cancel my order.

On that note I would like to say the person I spoke to on the phone (which was answered quickly) was both polite and helpful. I spent less than 2 minutes on the phone and would have to say that was one of the more present customer support experiences I have had, it's a shame everything else wasn't as smooth with the company as a whole.


Too many Unnecessary Changes

While Facebook is fine for basic keeping in touch with families and friends, the site is plagued my never happy designers who seem to want to change anything and everything about the site.

The problem being most of the changes are unwanted and unneeded and occasionally are worse than the previous design. The new timeline is a mess of a layout and the previous update just as bad.

Facebook would benefit a lot if they just left it alone. As it is, the constant meddling really puts me off using the site, the majority of users seem to dislike many of the bad choices but Facebook do not listen.

A poorly run site, with frequent but unnecessary changes is not how you keep people happy.


Wonderful Company

I've been using AmazonUK for some years now, I have always received great service from them.

On the rare occasions an item has gone missing or did not arrive on time (only 5 times in 12yrs), Amazon have always responded to the email within the hour and were appropriate replaced the item which usually arrives next day, or refunded the postage cost.

They were also very useful in getting me a refund when one of the marketplace sellers took an order they could not fulfil and tried to fob me off with "lost in the post". I have nothing but good things to say about Amazon as a shop and it's customer service.


Great Service all around

Excellent service, many in stock orders are covered by the 5 minute order policy (meaning your items are processed and despatched within 5 minutes of making the order.)
Pre-order titles have the option of being prepaid for and often will arrive a day early.

The few times I have had to deal with customer service it has always been a pleasant experience and they have always been more than happy to help.

Would happily recommend.

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