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Santander... Where Do I Start?

I'll keep it as brief as possible.

1) Pants Website with OTT security.

2) Email Messages to Santander (from within the online account) get ignored, unless you select the 'complaints' option. But then they respond via paper letter with a template apology and voiding all responsibility and to go the branch to sort it out.

3) I've had 1 response from 7 emails in 5 years. It was this weekend which prompted this negative review.

Email Question: "Please could you confirm the exact date my account was opened?"

Santander response: ""Regrettably we are unable to confirm the date that your account was opened via the Secure Message service. For confirmation of this, please call us on the number below as we will need to speak with you directly."

Pathetic! Why even bother having a "secure message service" plus the 35 step online login security process just to get to this "secure message service"? My question doesn't even require being secure.

4) If you phone you are more often then not referred to the branch. I run a very busy small business working 6 days, I can't get to a branch. I'm not sure what Phone Support actually get paid for!

5) OTP (One Time Passcode). What a joke this is. Its purpose is to add yet another level of security to the online account by texting you a code to your mobile phone and for use online - when making online account admin changes, or setting up payments, or even simple things like setting up paper statements. I change my mobile number a lot and if you don't have access to your old mobile phone when setting up the new mobile number for the OTP you are screwed, because it asks you to confirm the change by texting the old mobile. What a PITA! So you have to ring some condescending support op to go through a myriad of questions (including your old mobile number) in order to update it. So much for online banking!

6) Pretty inept and obnoxious support ops in my experience, especially those in the Liverpool call centre.

7) It takes a good 30/40 minutes to cash a US cheque in the branch. They don't have a template for the payer like the other banks do, which makes paying in subsequent overseas cheques fast. After going through this laborious process 3 times I asked Santander could I post the cheque instead to get it cashed faster. I was told it's not possible by the branch and by the call centre twice. Luckily just before the cheque date expired I got an address off a client who had a similar experience.

I sent the cheque to this address and it was cashed and in my bank in 24 hours!

International Foreign Cheque Department
Santander Bank
Room T73
Bridle Road
L30 4GB

8) Recently added edit. Santander cancelled my paper statements because 1 was returned to them as undelivered. How is that my fault if RM fail once in 5 years? If I'd have confirmed a move of address then fine, but I'd hadn't. To get this service reinstated I had to phone a specific 0870 number (between 9am and 6pm - no 24/7 option for this problem) and had to confirm my address get it set back up. Hey?

All the best with this bunch of inept control freaks!

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City Link

Yet Another Epic Fail!

It's been said before hundreds of times. Product ordered online, never delivered by City Link, tracking says it has been delivered with a false name as the signee. Essentially the product has been nicked! So, yet another mess for me and my supplier to tidy up. I have to say with so many things going wrong with regards deliveries, shoddy customer support and poor quality products - online shopping will rapidly decline over the next 5-10 years. Things are definitely getting worse year on year.


Wow! Can Hermes really be classed as a Business?

As a few other reviewers have commented. My Hermes courier will not set foot into an apartment building claiming that he will not go past the front entrance or alternatively will not deliver. This obnoxious Kojak with glasses on his forehead is the most defensive person I've met. I'm on the second floor and every other courier that delivers, I buzz them in via the intercom and we meet on the first floor landing and exchange signature for parcel. 50/50 - Win/Win. Today was a sensitive day, I was speaking to the Police on the phone about a fraud my dad is victim too. When the Hermes courier called, I answered the intercom and politely asked him to "please bring the parcel up". After 2 minutes - nothing, so I went down the stairs and he was just getting in his van (which his missus of equal bad manners drives) and was ready to take off. I explained I'll be reporting him for not doing his job and hi response, "you won't be getting any more deliveries then". What a gentleman and great asset to Hermes.


Review Centre - The ONLY Trusted Review Site

I can review on Review Centre with ease and without any stupid restrictions, unlike some, naming no names - hey TP. I personally am always open and honest when reviewing companies and the majority are. If you provide exceptional sales and support any negative fakes will be drowned in the huge amount of positive reviews.

A good mix of reviews is better than 60K x 5 stars that do not reflect the real experiences of buyers and so give potential buyers the wrong advice.

I personally experienced terrible service and blatent lies with a company called Kenable. I found out they pay TP to ensure their reviews are all 4 or 5 star and for anyone that posts less than 5 they have to provide their Kenable order number and personal details. This breaks the UK Data Protection laws.

So for me Review Centre is miles ahead of any reviews sites and my preferred source for honest reviews prior to buying online.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail - Declining by the Month!

Royal Mail lost a £45 hoody when returning it to Republic for refund. Completed claim form 65 days ago. In this time received 2 letters from RM delaying matters while they contact Republic. 3 phone calls getting updates within this time promising cheques, still no cheque as of today. When I called earlier they said "Republic have not responded to our letters we now need to email them". Morons! I put my foot down and they are issuing a cheque on Monday. Why the need to push until they do the right thing?

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Ebuyer - Impressive Prices and Rapid FREE Delivery!

Amazon is my e-commerce site of choice, but Ebuyer often beats Amazon prices and each time I've ordered, their FREE 4-5 day delivery has arrives within 24-Hours without fail. Very Impressed.

16 July 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to leave this positive review and for your comments on our prices and delivery.

I am happy to hear how impressed you are with the service you have received from Ebuyer and hope this continues into the future.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Worst Website Usability ... EVER!

Design by robots for robots. A company built for one thing, to collectively monetise its user database. Beware!


Dell UK - Rapidly Declining Products, Service & Support

My 17th Dell machine in 8 years and my last. Multiple problems over multiple devices in the last month and support is dead. RIP Dell customer support.

Vostro 230:

From new both screws missing that would hold the hard drive securely. Dell refused to send engineer out to replace HD even though it was making horrible noise. I had to make a few calls and shout loud to get the HD replaced, support engineer had no screws, Dell said it was not a Dell part number so could not help. I bought my own screws.

CPU fan squealed like a pig from new. Another 3 phone calls and they sent me a replacement, I changed it myself.

Missing 8-in-1 internal card reader as advertised in product description. Sales, Support and Marketing had no idea what part this was, yet its in the main Vostro 230 product description. 5 phone calls, 10 emails and they sent a Belkin external card reader. Useless.

17" Vostro 3750 Laptop:

Power-pack faulty from new and makes a high pitch noise when connected to mains. No way to contact Dell technical support for this machine so my online account says. Customer support emails ignored over last week.

Conclusion: I will not be buying from Dell from now and I will certainly not miss their inept and commission hungry Indian operated Sales, Support & Technical. I'm done with Dell!

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Pixmania Pro

Pix Mania Pro - Only if You Like Stress!

Made a purchase and it was out of stock. Requested refund and it was confirmed. Phones up 10 days later, still no refund and no money back on card. And their support staff are extremely obnoxious.

My Advice ... Use at Your Own Risk!

Pixmania Pro

Pixmania Pro = Poor Technology, Rash Decisions, Rude Employees!

Technology is not so hot, wouldn't let me update company name, vat number, email. They cancelled and refunded an order without first allowing me to update the above information. When I complained and gave site feedback was told not be be sarcastic by the manager Stuart who's approach is not customer centric, more suited to a car sales pitch. All-in-all a very frustrating experience.

I'm going back to Amazon where I have shopped, shopped and shopped some more - since 1998. For me Pixmania tried to imitate but could not replicate the e-commerce god that is Amazon. You have a lot of work to do Pixmania.

Letter sent to CEO.


Global Cull of Personal Accounts!

To update this old review with more important information - eBay is now implementing a global cull of thousands of personal accounts in 2013. The shareholders have demanded it go after Amazon. However, this has backfired to massive proportions and the loyal sellers that got eBay to its current position, those who trade with integrity are being restricted from selling - forever! They essentially want an Amazon model, with Alibaba products loaded with new but cheap Chinese tat, all shipped free with a zero tolerance for anything other than beyond realistic seller support. And if you are still selling and buying on eBay; No more UK call centres, increased seller fees including a % of postage costs, overzealous buyer protection and a DSR rating system asking customers totally irrelevant questions all designed to entrap sellers into expulsion. My personal account (started in 2002 with 1600 x 100% feedback) has been restricted, because 3 customers over a 12 month period essentially said "I don't like paying "A" postage fee". A shipping fee which was charged to the buyer at 30% less than what I paid the courier, delivered within 24 hours and a fee the customer was happy with prior to pulling the "Buy Now" trigger. This is surely the demise of eBay as we once knew it. Thanks eBay!


Yodel. Yodel. Yodel. Where do I Start?

Republic have started shipping via Yodel. You have to experience it to believe how inept Yodel are.

Simple order, with 2 parcels despatched. 7 days later we have 1 parcel that took 4 days to get here and about 10 emails suggesting its been loaded on the van, taken off the van, loaded onto the van, taken back to depot, blah, blah, blah. If you'd have taken a week off work to wait in for this, you'd be livid!

And the driver who dropped off parcel one was the dirtiest little scrote you'd ever wish to have deliver your nice new hoody. I think he works for a scrapyard between 8am-1pm and Yodel between 1-5pm and comes direct form the yard to drive the van. Filthy little Beeep!

T Mobile

T-Mobile Bill Increase Within 3 Months. SLAPPED!

Dodgy, Dodgy Tactics from T-Mobile. Had a mobile on contract since 1996. I've never used T-Mobile before and never will again, everything that could go wrong with this deal has right from the start. And the latest - Inside of 3 months of a new contract with T-Mobile via Tesco, I get slapped by an increase in monthly bills. A 3.7% rise! Absolutely Pants T-Mobile.

From day one, the company that handle the Tesco sales 20:20 Mobile Group of Crewe working with T-Mobile have been a disgrace. Wrong phone sent, wrong SIM then sent, Wrong Tarrif applied (of course more than I signed for), then wrong charge on first bill, inability to source correct SIM, plus more problems of course, including inept support .

Avoid T-Mobile and 20:20 Mobile Group is my advice if you want a stress-free mobile contract.

All the best


Parcel Monkey Demise Is Imminent!

Sent products, very well packaged/boxed to Recipient 3rd Feb. Recipient alerted me that they received them with oil covering the box and this had leaked onto 13 out of 35 products. I got this message 48 hours after recipient had signed for the products. In my Parcel Monkey account it stated that I had until 29th Feb to claim so I emailed recipient for evidence to help with the claim, I received photos on the 19th Feb and opened the claim with Parcel Monkey.

I'm not at all surprised with the NEGATIVE response below. Basically Parcel Monkey are refusing to refund me anything because I apparently should have reported the damage within 24 hours of recipient signing for the goods. Way to change your Terms & Conditions when you feel like it Parcel Monkey. 24 Hours to report an issue is a joke and impossible. Shame on you Parcel Monkey.

Apparently Its official, Parcel Monkey are on the bare bones of their arse having just raised prices approx 70% site wide and like most internet companies they believe they can do as they please with customers' money. Unfortunately not with mine, they'll be in court very soon. I love a good day out.

Parcel Monkey you do not support your customers, and for this I am closing my account immediately and am now using [Link] and [Link] via [Link] to save on each shipment versus Parcel Monkey prices. I will watch your demise with pleasure until you refund me monies owed.

Message from Parcel Monkey:

We refer to your claim, dated 19th Feb, concerning the above shipment. We are disappointed to learn of the inconvenience that you have encountered

Parcel Monkey conducts business in accordance with its standard Terms and Conditions of Carriage; these conditions can be found on the Parcel Monkey’s Website or at the time the order was processing. Please be advised that when you or your representative signed the ‘Shipper’s agreement’ section of the Terms and Conditions, you entered into a legally binding contract and agreed that Parcel Monkey’s Terms and Conditions were all the terms of the contract between Parcel Monkey and yourself.

Clause 5 provides that all claims must be reported to Parcel Monkey within 24hours from the date that Parcel Monkey delivered the shipment. Our records indicate that your shipment was delivered by Parcel Monkey on 3rd Feb 2012 and that your first notification to Parcel Monkey was on 19th Feb.

As this falls outside of the 24 hours, regrettably, we are unable to proceed any further with your claim.


Its all about the Money! for The Hut Group.

The Hut Group that runs this website, plus a myriad of others (see the hut group main site for their full portfolio of website acquisitions) are apparently backed by Sir Terry Leahy of Tesco notoriety. They are floating the hut group so their one aim is to bang the sales numbers in, then they get a nice windfall of cash. That's all this is about - money, regardless of whether its a win-win deal for the customer or not.

Unfortunately the internet is full of these cockroaches. In my experience they blatantly lie, defraud, withhold your goods and money and use very malicious tactics.

Is this really what 'business' is about?

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