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Be more transparent

Your privacy options and policies are not clear and warnings of social media use should be posted for young adults and newcomers.

Your friendship policy is weird. I can have my friendship privilege turned off for befriending someone I don't know. That is weird, what business is it of yours and how do you know and why are we not given the option refute this?

If my friends and family weren't on facebook I wouldn't be either. What will you do when we all decide to go elsewhere?


Dump all the advertising.

If I wanted to look at commercials all day I would watch TV. It used to be myspace but now it is entertainment nightly.


Need to Improve on your Linux version

Your windows version should never be better than your linux version.


Please give us back the old format

I would like my friends back and why do I have to have a gmail account to have a youtube account?


Its the sears and roebuck catalog online

You can find almost anything at a good price, used, new, and you don't have to purchase from a big box store to get what you need. Do all your shopping at home, what can be more convenient.

Just one problem, they don't accept pay pal. Hope you get that fixed, until then I can only give you four stars.


I am becoming disappointed with Google

You can't have a Youtube account unless you have a gmail account. They've gotten rid of friends and turned them into subscriptions. My friends have disappeared and seemed to be lost from my subscriptions and I don't recall anyone asking me if that was ok. And they're new my channel set up sucks. I was asked if I wanted to switched, I said no, I back weeks later to find it has been changed.

On google plus you are required to use a real name. Why can't I use shepard of peace? What if I don't want people to know my real name? What if I don't want current or future employers to find me on google+? Why can't I decide what is best for me?

Google gmail's new page is slower and harder to see. Luckily though I have been allowed to switch back to the old format.

I don't like having my browser history stored online, luckily you can turn that off, but for those who do not know how to turn this off and may not know it is being stored online, this is not fair to them.

People do business with people. Google has gotten to big and is no longer a person but a business. Its concern is not the customer but the profits.

Tune Up

I've always liked Tune since I first tried it years ago

Tune up is not a big bulky program that takes over your whole computer. It gives you options to customize your computer. I hope someday you produce the same product for Linux. I don't use windows that often, but when I do I want it to be fast, functional and look the way I like it and I can only do that with Tune Up.

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