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Newegg is great

If you want to buy computer parts, this is the best and usually the cheapest to buy them. Get great deals other websites do not offer.


Great Website

It is a very professional website which keeps your career in check. Connect with your peers and co-workers.


Never Had a Problem or Issue

I've used Paypal for years now and never had a problem with them. They are very secure and never had surprise charges.
They are easy to use and great for start up/small website businesses.


I've always liked Ebay

To prevent bad experiences, do some research first.
Ebay is a great place to get good deals and a variety of products and services.


Direction wasn't provided

As a photographer, you need to provide direction and not just stand there.
Direction wasn't provided and was not happy.
But they are getting 3 stars because the person who was showing us the photos was nice.


I can't be happier with their customer service...

Because it rocks!
They work with me, they provide suggestions for better hosting packages.
They should be the poster child for all companies.


Love it!

I purchased quite a few things from Amazon.com, they indicate the date I will receive my item, but I have always received it earlier than expected, because they are awesome :)
Great job Amazon.com!


Scammers praying on the desperate

Their database needs to be updated so people don't waste their time. The guy before us got his quote based on make, model and year...database should have recognized it was an 8 cylinder vehicle, but WBAC representative kept using that against him to joggle down the price, a LOT. Same with us, a part (push bar on an SUV) that isn't part of the initial vehicle had minor damage, but was used against us. It is my opinion that WBAC are scammers and I am so glad I didn't do business, but they wasted my time.
I bet most of the positive reviews on here are people they pay...but this is my opinion.
Oh, by-the-way...Katie is their online defense. She's very professional and will request detail such as WBAC number so she can "look into it" and say that she's sorry so more people can fall victim. You know...showing that the company "cares", but all they care about is scamming people.
Katie, answer this...the negative reviews, how can there be so many?
People, do online research, search for the negative review because they pay people online to post positive comments to drown out the negative one's!!!

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23 April 2012

Reply from webuyanycar.com

Hi Kathy,

We appreciate your feedback and we hope that you get the total you are after for your car. We are sorry you feel that your time with us was a waste, but we offer to hold our email valuation for 7-days provided the car's condition is entered accurately.

Importantly though we do offer a no obligation service, so you can get an offer from us without any cost and walk away. All car sales routes have the same problem; the potential for wasted time, but our commitment is that we will make you an offer in a safe environment and the opportunity to transfer your money safely and easily.

Please rest assured, our staff do not leave any comments, anywhere in relation to the business without disclosing the fact they work for webuyanycar.com. Should you believe any post to be fake on the site please report it.

Thanks again for your feedback,


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