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Best Place to lose money!!

In my opinion this site is way cool and a lot of fun to be on. Also you can lose as much money as you want they have no limits, but you can make as much as you want to so I guess that is the trade off for these kind of sites. The overall layout of the site is wonderful in making you feel like you are at a real casino. This is established through the games such as slots and poker and such other games that makes a casino a casino. The depositing system makes it easy to load yourself up for another round. The only problem is the addictiveness that this site gives you, because what they are pushing for is a casino atmosphere at home. They have done a good job of that, and I will see the hours of my day just ticking away once I log in. They make you feel like you can win just at a real casino with big prize pots blinking and increasing in amount every second. The site gives off an atmosphere of a casino. The site is big enough that you can always get into a poker game, but it is small enough where it is not uncommon to play the same people and create friends. Once you build a couple relationships it is even harder to get off the site. All in all it is a website that has done a very good job of replicating a casino.

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