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They are friendly. But my experience was awful.

"Galatic incompetence. Ordered 4 sets of shoes. Got three. Four of which where left feet.

6 weeks waiting.

5 phone calls and 2 emails to get the money back.

If I need a migraine. I will shop there again. [name removed] in customer support (friendly) but can't read...[name removed] of customer support, wouldn't listen.

Here are the details.

6 Weeks turn around.

1-27-2012 placed order.

3-02-2012 got an email saying I had to redo the order as the back order was taking so long or cancel.

1) First call. Was told it was sorted. Friendly guy!

3-6-2012 Another automatic order cancellation notice.

2) Second call... Had to cancel 1 item. Now they only have to send me 3 pairs of flippers.

9-3-2012 : Items arrive. 4 left feet, 2 right. + extra UPS shipping of 10.50 euro, + taxes. 32.50 euro. (That was partily expected.)

Its now MARCH... Had to pay by phone with the CC.

3) Called again. 3rd call. To inform over the extra shoes. Suggested getting two left for the extra two right. Remained polite and friendly even with a 6 week delay.

4) Sent yet another email. CLearly stating I wanted the missing flippers. NO CANCELLATION. I was still pleasant with them. I suggesting sending two right feet for the two wrong left feet. They couldn't do that.

Was sent an email saying the invalid item would be cancelled. I would get the cost of the item back and taxes paid. They forget the shipping costs of 20.00.

I sent yet another email saying I don't want to cancel.

Sunny Sport sent another confirmation that it would be cancelled.

Kindly would give back the money....but forget shipping costs, etc.

I email again and then called saying I DONT WANT the order to be cancelled...I have been waiting weeks. [name removed] heard me say, 7 times during the call, I didn't want to cancel that item.

The item was cancelled.

That was my online experience with Sunny Sport.

Believe what you want...

3/19 : They refunded the cancelled item. Including the shipping charges and taxes.

I have now 4 left feet and 2 right feet shoes for our swimming club.

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