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Cant believe their arrogance

I haven't visited their website for a few weeks and have just logged on to see the latest rewards. If you want to know, in decreasing point order and leaving only one out, A diet coke t shirt, a cherry coke t shirt, a coka cola t shirt, a vintage diet coke t shirt, a ladies diet coke t shirt, an enjoy coke t shirt, a better with coke t shirt, a smile with coke t shirt, and four more coke t shirts. I think we have here a clear case of the lunat..
(i.e the marketing people) taking over the asylum. If past experience of dud goods which never sell (i.e. share headphones) is anything to go by, these will block any new ones coming through. Don't waste your time here. I've switched to supermarkets own brands.

P.S. Just paid a return visit. After a system "upgrade" you now just get error messages when trying to review your past history more than a month back and when you take their poll. Also their "Coke news" simply gives notification of system maintenance which has already taken place. These clowns cannot even run a website properly.

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