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Good product but became faulty after just ONE WEEK!

The idea of the Jawbone UP is fantastic, however mine broke and became useless after just one week. Totally unacceptable. After researching online it seems a lot of others have had the same problem.

Will not buy another of their products.


Very unhelpful, unorganised, useless call centre staff

Terrible experience with Indesit after needing to replace the glass on my hob.

Initial order went fine. I asked if it was easy to replace the hob and was told by the salesman it was as it was just a case of unscrewing some screws at the back of the oven. This however turned out not to be the case. After removing the screws at the back the hob was still attached to the front, however there were no screws at the front to remove. So looked as if it was a bigger job than I'd been told it would be.

Called their helpline, thinking they'd tell me what to do. WRONG. After being transfered at least 6 times and at 7+mins wait each time... I was told they do not give out any advice on how to fit their parts. Funny that, considering the original sales person did just to get my money!!!

The part also came without any instructions. So how on earth they think this is a good way to do buisness is beyond me. Never again! Next time I'll just buy a new appliance from another brand.



Had an issue recently where I purchased xbox live but wanted to cancel it the next day.

Their team were extremely professional and friendly and refunded me right away!


Good films but you can't watch them!!!

I took the free trials with both Lovefilm and Netflix... Lovefilm were by far the worst.

Whilst they had a good selection of movies, every film I tried to watch would either constantly pause whilst buffering or display an error saying there was a problem with the service.

Cancelled the trial soon after and won't go back. Prefer Netflix as never had these problems with them.


Good, userfriendly website

I tend to purchase most of my games from Game. I find the website very easy to use and like the way everything is displayed.

Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is due to the fact their pricing can quite often be higher than other places and also their phone lines take far too long to get through to.

Other then that, very good!


Worst salesman I've ever come across, EVER

I would advise not to use this company based on the way me and my fiancé were treated by one of their sales people in our own home a few years ago.

Whilst I appreciate one man doesn't represent an entire company, they should really keep tabs on how their staff conduct themselves as the guy that came out to us was rude, arrogant and offensive. He actually got up and walked out after we told him we didn't want to spend too much money on the high end blinds!

Completely unprofessional service which I would not recommend to anyone.

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Outstanding customer service team

Everyone I've ever spoken to at Stena's Holyhead call centre has always been a pleasure to deal with.

They are to be commended for their high standards of customer service. Always really friendly and helpful.


Overall good company but had one bad experience

I've been with o2 since I was a child, I'm now 25. I had never had any problems with o2 until I recently tried to upgrade my phone.

Without going into too much detail, they basically fudged up the upgrade and made me return the handset and said I had to go through the whole upgrade process again. All because of their own misleading sales team.

I was left without a phone for almost 2 weeks as things were delayed etc. Made a complaint and they did actually resolve it well and to my satisfaction.

Will continue to use o2... for now anyway...! :)


Awful service, unclear re: discounts, too many mistakes made

I would think very carefully before using Pizza Hut again after my recent experience.
Having seen their adverts for 50% off everything I placed an order via their website. The website had no indication as to whether or not the discount was included and even when you tried to click onto a discount part of their site, it made no difference.

Went ahead with the order as by this point me and my friend were getting fed up and hungry.

When collecting the pizza we were told they'd made a mistake and given us the wrong base. Were we offered anything for the inconvenience? No.

Also realised when I got home they'd left 2 of my sauce pots off the order.

Complete sham from start to finish. Its Pizza for god sake!! How hard is it?!!

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