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John Lewis


If I were a shop, I'd want to be John Lewis.

Superb knowledge base backed up with really good customer service. They are also frequently the 'cheapest' on the high street too but on the few occasions they aren't then they will swiftly price match



River Island used to be one of my favourite companies. That was before they chose YODEL as their preferred courier.
Just check out the abysmal rating of Yodel on the Trustpilot website and you'll soon see the problem; goods delivered extremely damaged, not delivered at all, stolen by employees, 'next day' paid-for delivery taking over 7 days and much effort on the part of the recipient, lies, fraud and featuring on BBC's Watchdog and being ranked the worst courier company out of the 34 rated in the UK.

Yet despite all this and many customers asking River Island to stop using this abysmal courier, River Island continue to do so.

Until such time as River Island, Amazon and other companies stop using Yodel I will not be placing orders from them as it is evident that they don't care a hoot about customers. Life's too short.



I had previously mainly enjoyed good service from and with only the occasional niggle. However in 2012 they started using Yodel as their preferred delivery agents; this company is absolutely abysmal and I would go as far as saying fraudulent and criminal. I will no longer order from any company who opts to use Yodel as a courier as I have lost items and had others damaged and suffered their appalling, untrustworthy customer (dis)service too many times.
There has been much publicity of Yodel's consistently abysmal service and they even featured on BBC's Watchdog. Yet despite many people asking Amazon to stop using them, amazon persist in doing so.
So I'm afraid that Amazon are 'guilty by association' and I will no longer order from them, River Island or any other company who use this abysmal courier service.

Listen up UK businesses and just check out the appaling rating of Yodel on this portal.

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