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why cant I score 0?

I really don't have the words to describe how truly awful this company is.
Due to their own incompetence, the telephone lines for my mail order business were down for 6 weeks early this year, and my broadband service was hit & miss for nearly 2 months. The knock-on effect has been catastrophic - my customers had gone elsewhere thinking I had already closed down, and the result was that I did actually have to close the business at the end of May, with 3 people losing their jobs.
This is BT doing what they do best - not giving a monkey's about their customers....and they are still sending me bills for the old telephone lines (documented as being cancelled in January), and have overcharged me for the new lines (which didn't work for 6 weeks)
As it is impossible to speak to anyone at BT who can solve these issues, or arrange the refunds, or who can bring back my business, all I can do is spread the word to everyone I know that BT should be avoided at all costs

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Hermes Europe

Atrocious from start to .............

I have had the unhappy experience of using Hermes a few times through work. Our agent was utterly inflexible - wouldn't walk up one flight of stairs to our offices and wouldn't ring when she arrived in the car park so we had to stand by the window to watch out for her. Paperwork took ages, and delivery was NEVER less than 3 days (took nearly 3 weeks on one occasion) I avoided using Hermes wherever possible.
I am now selling a lot of things on Ebay - I tried to set up a personal account with Hermes, thinking I live in a different location to work, so will have a different agent - they cant all be that bad, after all. Ha, ha! This time, I am unable to even set up an account and book a collection, and Hermes have ignored 3 emails asking why I cannot use their system.
Avoid this company completely.

Easy Wellies

Well-y pleased!

Easy-to-use website, quick to order and very quick delivery - the wellies arrived in good time for my son's camping trip! Very pleased - thank you!


Dreadful dining experience - never again!

We had a family lunch in the "a la carte" restaurant one day in August. It was obvious that the Hotel was busy that day - however, our booking was made last minute, so the Hotel must have known they would be busy elsewhere, but still accepted the booking.
Busy though they were, we were the only people in the restaurant - there was no atmosphere and we were plagued by flies throughout the meal. Our drinks arrived quickly, and our orders were taken quickly - then we waited about 25 minutes for our starters, sat with dirty plates for some time, then waited another 25 minutes for our main courses, sat with dirty plates for some time, then waited a further 20 minutes for our desserts. We were there for just over 3 hours, far longer than we expected, and by the time the desserts arrived some of our group had already left. The food was not only late, but utterly un-inspiring, nothing special about it at all.
On a good note, our waiter was pleasant and polite when he was with us - but it was obvious he was working elsewhere in the hotel as he would disappear for a long time in between servings - and twice we had to walk in to the kitchen to get someone's attention!
Knowing we were the only people in the restaurant - and knowing that most of the staff were busy outside and in the bar with wedding guests and lunch time visitors, I am surprised that the Hotel didn't offer to set us up somewhere in the bar area so that we could be looked after better.
All-in-all, this was a memorable experience for the wrong reasons, and I will not be visiting the hotel again.



I have recently placed an order for 2 items online, paying by credit card. I noticed if I spent an extra £5 I would get free postage, so I added an extra item (that wasn't essential but useful for my sons sports). The non-essential item arrived about 5 days later, but the other two never arrived. I looked at the online tracking of the order, only to find that Vertbaudet have cancelled them, and charged me delivery on the one item they did send. I waited on their telephone line for 40 minutes but never spoke to anyone, and have emailed them to ask whats going on - 7 days later I still haven't had a response. Incidentally, the two "cancelled" items are still available on their website.
This is my first order for quite a while. I stopped ordering from Verbaudet 7 years ago when they started sending me payment demands for items I had never ordered, let alone received! It took months and a lot of stress to get them to back off - and they never apologised or even admitted they were wrong, they just stopped sending me threatening letters.
They have obviously not improved over time. I wouldn't touch them again with a barge-pole



Just steer clear of this lot.
They use a network of private people who go around collecting and distributing parcels (and earn a commission for each item). When collected, these private individuals then take the parcels home, waiting for the MyHermes vans to collect from them. They are often poorly trained, dont collect when you want, and I wouldn't say its very secure allowing your parcels to sit at someones house for a day.
My collection agent would not drive in the dark, wouldn't walk up the stairs to collect (to the 1st floor), and wouldn't collect on Saturdays. She missed two collections (I got compensated for one), then she turned up out of the blue to collect a parcel I had never even booked!
So, I have started sending things from my home address. One item has arrived safely, the second item has now been lost in their own sorting centre (how can you lose a 7kg box?)
Just keep away - they are useless

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