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Useless company, avoid at all costs

Had a call from these people, offering me an upgrade for less than i was paying currently. they never told me who they were so i was under the illusion i was speaking to my network, and accepted the deal they offered. the phone arrived the next day, i then decided i didn't want the upgrade and here's where the "fun" (read - annoyance) began.

I called my network, told them that i didn't want the upgrade they offered me (as i can under DSR - business to consumer sale) and they couldn't help me as it wasn't them who sent the phone or did the contract, but they did tell me to speak to carphone warehouse.

I then spoke to carphone warehouse who said it wasn't them that i needed to speak to, it was "E2Save" - i'm thinking "Who the feck are E2Save, i've never heard of them!"

I then tried speaking to these cowboys but guess what, they close at 5, or 5:30, depending on who you speak to.
I called their sales line who told me i'd need to speak to customer services who were closed but they promised to give me a call back before 9:30am the next day. 10:30 came along and still no call, so i gave them a call, told them that i really wasn't happy, they didn't meet even the most basic deadline they set themselves, and that i wanted to return the phone and cancel the contract as i'd changed my mind.
The person i spoke to was useless and kept questioning why i wanted to return the phone, as far as i'm concerned, once i've told you "i've changed my mind" i've answered the question. They also told me that i had to put the new sim into the new phone to activate it (so that i broke the seals and wasn't allowed to return it, again, WRONG UNDER DSR) after about 20 minutes of saying "I'VE CHANGED MY MIND, GIVE ME A RETURNS ADDRESS" i eventually got an address and they told me I had to return it within 48 hours (Wrong again under DSR.) It was back in the post no more than half an hour later. This was friday morning when it was sent back. I've come to use my old phone today and even though i've cancelled the contract with "E2Save" they've still de-activated my old sim - Yeah, thanks for that. Another phone call to orange and they re-activated the old sim straight away which was a god send and can't praise them enough for it, they also advised me exactly what i needed to do to get this resolved once and for all.

Needless to say, i'll never be dealing with "E2Save" again, and if they ever contact you, ask who they are, and if they do tell you the truth (which they seem to be very bad at) just hang up on them they aren't worth your time.

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