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Great Service at my local store

My Local store in Blackburn is brilliant . has alot of the items in stock and click and collect works a charm. hopefully the new shuttl delivery will come up towards Blackburn to make this a 5* Business in my area !
Thanks Maplin !


Had to return two xbox's and slightly unfriendly staff

Area : Blackburn
The staff were slightly unfriendly and i have sadly had to return 2 xbox's before the 29 days warrant ended due to faulty items . i can understand that it is not argos 's fault for the faulty xbox's however i just wish the staff were a bit more friendly in my area. two out of the three stores in the accrington/blackburn area are fab. however one of them is a let down.
Fix the staff issues and get better stock and this will become the old argos we used to love in this area.


Brilliant Website, Brilliant Service

Brilliant positive start with skybet . been with them for a week after leaving betfair .

The added bonus of being able to watch horseracing for a £1 bet for the race, is a brilliant addition after other companies raised the prices of this.

The betting and website is brilliantly laid out and would recommend to anyone . the rewards they give too is a brilliant addition.


Is this the worst Telecommunications Service In The UK ? YES.

This company is an absolute joke.
Three times rang them up regarding intermittent internet. they tried saying it was the line , however the line has been previously checked. the problem (which i fixed myself) was the crappy router they gave us NOT the line.
They tried charging call out fees many times and have also blamed OTHER people are us for the faults. Never go to this company because they simply LIE . Ofcom should be seriously considering a full investigation.
I apologise for leaving O2 to go to this dreaded company. now im in contract im stuck. read this review before buying anything from talktalk.
Ps. those rubbish emails that are nothing to do with my fault is beyond a joke and is not classed as good customer services Talk Talk ?

If i could give 0 i would...

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Is This the worse Customer Services in the world ??

Sorry to say this BT but the customer services are sadly disgusting. Never had so much trouble with a customer services in my life both BT phone and BT Store. I contacted you BY PHONE and waited 4 Hours for someone to pick up your call ?

I told your company where to go and went to a company which actually care.

Also for the record when ever i used your website i got lost on it ....

Poor,Poor, Poor :(

Hermes Europe

How come i have had no problems with these ?

This company has been cheap , loyal and have solved my issues very easily ?

I have never had any trouble with them and have used them for a very long time now ?

Yes, they can be slow at delivering items, but hay ! atleast they get there ?

I have had problems and they have been solved quickly/.

I can understand the problems people have with them however around my end we are lucky to have good workers.

But i do agree with some reviews, can be slow delivering at times.


Google is Google ... Its Amazing

One of the easiest search engines to use ,
Along with Google Docs , Perfection !


The website is a bit Dodgy sometimes (Buggy !!)

Sadly the website can sometimes have issues such as not allowing payment and ?

The website such as buying items can be a real pain , Tesco is a brilliant company and i love them but it is just as easy to go to a store than using the website. Needs a major renovation i think.


Good Website , But can be let down again by Customer Services

The website is great , and grab some bargains but the customer services and some of the users are poor. This needs to be resolved. Not to mention the new feedback system which i feel is pretty outrageous. 4/5 for the bargains and beautiful website ! (And the Ads ! :P)


Bad Customer Services

The resolution centre is not a good part of the website to use. Did you know if a problem occurs regarding a payment . it can take up to 30+ Days JUST FOR THEM to resolve it ? That is pretty bad going. I do feel the website needs to be laid out a little better. Some slight improvements need doing to website and customer services.


Good Staff , But Let down by Third Party Companies

Overall the staff are brilliant and the stores are good. However some of the products they A. Advertise and B. Sell
sometimes baffles me .
For example "LiveDrive" online storage .... THAT DOESN'T EVEN WORK

This is the question ?
If something doesn't work why sell it ?

Other than that its OK.


Brilliant Service , Very Good Customer Services Too !

This was a brilliant place to purchase what i wanted,
I purchased £10 PSN Card , i received it quickly and this was ONE of the only stores to have this amount available ! I also contacted them to make sure the had it and they replied quickly and efficiently. Excellent service , would recommend to anybody !

Many Thanks,

Benjamin Britcliffe (26/03/2012)

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