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Every little doesn't always help

Really not a fan of tesco. I mean, I like them for their convenience, but the value and quality of a lot of their products is simply bad. The homewares for example are on price parity with the middle class shops like John Lewis but are actually really flimsy in quality. I bought some tesco storage crates which are moulded plastic and the quality control just isn't there - on the shelf 3 or 4 were broken already and having brought mine home they have suffered the same fate. And they were £9 each!!


love ebuyer

29 June 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your positive review.

I am pleased to hear how happy you are with Ebuyer.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Awesome website!

I use moneysavingexpert all the time - it's a fab website!! The best bits for me are the articles and the forum discussions where you can really drill down to specific problems or concerns that more general money advice doesn't seem to cover.

4 stars because their website is still too cluttered for my liking, it's like being dumped in a student's bedroom with his notes all over the bed, the walls, the floor... whereas they should strive to have it organised like a gorgeous pristine classic library.


I love Google!

5 stars because I use google in my home life (Gmail, Google Calender, Google reader) and in my worklife (google adwords, google analytics) and their products are simply top notch. There is room for improvement obviously, but compared to the competition it's a no brainer.

There's a good reason google are number 1.



Somebody fraudulently used my paypal account two weeks ago through an exploit as I am certain the password was secure. They logged in via a mobile application in turkey of all places and sent 5 payments to the states.

But to their credit I phoned up paypal and got the payments stopped, and that was great. I still have no idea how they logged into my account and paypal didn't offer any advice. All other banking / online money services require two-factor authentication - paypal is the big security vulnerability for most people these days and malicious agents will attack the weakest link! Whether it's a site exploit or a compromised password, paypal is where they will focus because its so easy to get into.

Not impressed that they don't take security more seriously. Even World of Warcraft uses two factor authentication now!!!!!


Love eBay but service isn't great

Really enjoy using eBay and the product - the website - is amazing.

If you ever have any issues though the customer service is really poor, absolutely will not do anything more except read the documentation already on the website to you.


Please avoid

I tried to get a credit report from equifax a week ago taking advantage of their free 'months trial'.

It's a scam.

I went through their lengthy online application process, being thorough to make sure everything was accurate and the dates of all the places I'd lived were accurate, to be informed that my application could not be completed and I had to complete it on the phone (after having already giving my card details for the product in the first stage).

On the phone, after a lengthy and expensive call, where she interrogated me and told me she needed to verify my identity, she said the answers I gave (which were correct) didn't match the ones she had on file so couldn't help me any further.

I have submitted to them electronically my driving licence, letters from my bank, etc. and at every turn all I get is 'sorry we can't help'. In the meantime I can't login to the account I set up (it just prompts me to call customer service to finish setup) where my details were registered and opted to pay for the credit report service after the months free trial. I still have two weeks to ensure that no payments are deducted so that's what I'm spending my time on now.

They are basically running a scam operation to run it at the lowest possible cost where customer service don't help at all, hoping that suckers like me won't read up on them before taking the plunge. Looking online it seems most other review sites give them one or two stars as well. Just avoid these like the plague.

T Mobile

Impotent customer services

So, I'm not going to say they're bad. Because that's too simple. What I will say, is that they have a culture of letting customers 'deal with it', as there is no incentive or motivation to resolve problems - customers are tied into contracts afterall!

I have had bad experiences where the signal has just gone out in an area for two weeks, phoned up, and they just said 'they're working on a fix'. Ok... but why is this my problem? It's YOUR network. You should refund me, give me credit, or something along those lines.

Second bad experience: despite signing up years ago when unlimited data was REALLY unlimited, I went over 500mb fair usage policy because I was using my laptop away for a weekend. Cut off internet to my phone. I phoned up, and said 'hey, so I know I used over 500mb, so you know I actually signed up when it was 'unlimited', oh, your T&C say you're allowed to change the terms of the deal? That's not very fair. Ok, so how much do I need to pay to top up my data? I CAN'T?!?'.

They literally have no function for helping you. All the customer services can do is say yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir.

In the meantime, T-Mobile have just brought out a 'truly unlimited' data package. I expect in 12 months they will change the fair usage on that as well, and say in the terms and conditions that they're welcome to do that.

Just don't trust them. If they work for you, great. But they don't have a culture of proactive customer service, they just like to keep everything ticking along, and trying to make your complaint go away quietly. And because we're all locked into contracts... there's not much else we can do about it.

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Easy peasy

I arrived at Leeds Bradford airport 3 hours before, but I needn't have. I had my bag packed and my boarding pass ready. It took me 5 minutes to walk from the entrance, through security, to the departure lounge.

They didn't check my carry-on bag size, although I knew it was within limits. I like that, because unless you are grossly over the limit, most of the time they are going to be charging you £40 for the pleasure of having 1cm too much either side or 10g over the limit. Other carriers that make a fuss about that put me off completely.

Once on the plane, I would describe the service much like a coach. I sat in my seat, picked up my kindle and started reading. I was advised for take off and landing, I need to stow any loose items, so I put it in the pocket in front of me. Once we were in the air, I got it out again, and continued to read.

The trolley came past at one point, but I didn't order anything. On the return flight I had a coffee, which if I recall correctly was €2.50. But I was getting back at 11pm and had a 2 hour drive to get home, so that's not a bad deal in my back. Was the generic paper cup coffee, but it was functionally coffee. Put some sugar and milk in and it was perfectly lovely.

Back to the trip there, well, that's about it. We landed at Dusseldorf, we got off the plane, and I went and caught a train.

Honestly nothing to complain about, I'm actually pretty pleased that they don't mess about too much sizing up my package. The carriers that do that basically make you feel like a benefit cheat or something.

Would fly with them again! :-)

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Buggy, slow, and what about my privacy

I only use Facebook because I have to. It is not an experience I enjoy. It's like queuing up at the cinema to buy a drink, knowing you're about to get a good rogering by the cinema staff for what is essentially water (free) and sugar (next to free). But, you're there to have a 'good time', and your friends are looking on, and maybe you even have a date so it would look weird if you didn't get a drink.

I mean, sure, people would understand, and they would say 'oh no, its good that you didn't - they're not good value' but they still think you're weird. And such is the same of Facebook.

Everyone is Facebook, everything happens on Facebook, I can't imagine a Facebookless life simply because its where I talk to my friends, acquaintences, find out about goings on and generally keep up with social circle. I use google+ too, which is fun, but it doesn't have the adoption required to be a required website.

So, what's wrong with facebook? It can be slow, a lot of the time. It can be buggy, a lot of the time. Whenever I chat to someone, I need to close the browser and reopen it every 5 or 6 minutes, because its crashed the process. Yet my google talk in gmail can be left on all day.

I don't like the lack of transparency or the cognition of privacy on facebook. They basically say 'The settings are there! It's up to you!' but they ASSUME that you want to share. This means, if you absent mindedly click (like 90% of people), you will end up sharing fairly quickly. It's like the opt-in / opt-out organ donor debate. Except, giving facebook the right to share my stuff is less high on the priority list than giving little Jimmy what's left of my retinas after I succumb to a horrible but thankfully brief death at the hands of an overworked and underpaid bus driver who wasn't looking the right way at the right time.

Facebook works. I use it every day because I don't have an alternative.

But I don't like it.

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Gamers gamers gamers

I found my experience with Fragsoc to be extremely fulfilling. They offered me games, and the games I played. They also offered me friendship, which I hesitantly accepted.

The food, that varies. Sometimes the pizza is nice, but other times it can be too much for one stomach, and so fish and chips is a tasty alternative. Whilst neither of these are terribly healthy options, I balance my diet elsewhere, so I don't think they're having too big of a hit on my weight.

Sometimes they let me wear the yellow bib. They are the best days.

I also like how everyone at fragsoc likes video games. Because I like video games too! My favourite ones are the ones you play with your friends, either against another group or against the computer. But be warned - the computer sometimes cheats!

All in all, Fragsoc is fragsoc. It is in a word, glorious.

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My experience of ProCook goes back about 18 months, and I was just talking to some friends last night about my pans and how great they were! I was in my second year of Uni and had my own house instead of living in halls, and my tesco rubbish £1.99 frying pan was warped out of all contortion.

My brother was visiting me and EXTREMELY kindly offered to sort me out with some new basic bits, and I was a bit concerned that basic was either going to mean rubbish, or it was going to not be rubbish and be expensive. Anyway, my brother had a secret trump card. We visited ProCook's website (a company I had not heard of before), added a Gourmet cooking set to the basket, a Gourmet duo knife set, along with a set of Ravello plates, bowls, cups and cutlery, went to checkout and the WHOLE THING came to less than £150.

We didn't pay for next day delivery, but regardless, it came next day anyway packed well, it was a bit like Santa coming early. And all I can say is I have never known pans as good as these. They're all chunky and solid construction, there are no signs of warping on any of them (something by lackluster student cooking ability seemed to inflict on any cookware within half a mile), the non stick is utterly untarnished (also this non stick - you don't actually need to use oil!) and frankly all my friends are jealous.

I looked on their website last night to show my friends, and it turns out the Gourmet are actually at the value end of the spectrum, so I can't even imagine the quality on the higher end stuff. Maybe in a few years I'll upgrade, but for now my stuff is doing absolutely fantastically.

I can't recommend them enough really. Good price, extremely good quality, super-fast delivery... nowhere to fault them.

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Awesome service, awesome company

I've used Kustompcs several times over the years - they are the number one choice really for anything 'off the beaten track'. I really can't fault them. Graeme, the owner, personally responds to most customer service emails and has a real understanding of what PC guys want because he is one himself!

I was joking with him by email to say he should bring some Scotch pies down to a LAN he was attending (I was ordering some bits) - and there he turns up with two Scotch pies! Genuinely fantastic staff, super friendly, treat you more like mates than walking piles of money.

I've had to deal with one return with Kustom's which was painfully simple. I emailed Graeme, described the fault, he just said to send it back and he'd get a new one in the post for me! I was concerned especially because I wasn't sure whether it was my incompetence that had caused the fault... but Graeme wasn't too fussed and just wanted a happy customer.

You can't say fairer than that.

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Well, it's Amazon...

I need to buy some computer bits, so I went to Amazon and searched for a wireless extender. Found a TP-Link TL-WA730RE for £20 (reduced from £30), with about 100 reviews all rating it highly, with many of those reviews instructing me how to setup the TP Link, citing that the included instructions weren't the best.

After adding it to basket, Amazon suggested I buy a TP Link Wireless N dongle for £9 as it works best with this one. I currently have a wireless G dongle, so I thought - may as well upgrade! Added it to the basket.

Checked out in minutes as my details were saved, a few days later (ordered Thursday daytime, things arrived Monday at work - well packaged) I went and set everything up, flawless result in 5 minutes. For £29 my wireless signal has gone from less than 15% and unusable, to over 70% and working fine.

Really can't fault Amazon at any stage.

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