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Use to be a fan, now i'm a protester.

I'm surprised with this company dispite the recession and cost of living is extremely high, people barley affording what they can, pc world seem to INCREASE their prices not really decreasing them, originally the WD 1GB mybook, use to be £99.99, now it's £119.99, gone up by £20, that's a 20% increase I believe.

Now, I'm no expert, but isn't prices suppose to decrease after a matter of time and new items or upgraded replacement items suppose to be of it's expensive value?

I don't think I will be buying from pc world anymore, not for myself nor for my business, it's now just become a greedy company.

I suggest, if people want what they want, shop around, get second hand, try ebay or amazon or a boot fair, because it seems you won't get any deals in pc world anymore.

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