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Avoid if Possible.

I avoid using Paypal wherever possible as I am completely satisfied with the security if I pay on my credit card. Unfortunately some companies insist on using Paypal which is linked to my credit card anyway.
Paypal are one of those companies I dread having to contact.
Did anyone see the awful review they got on Watchdog on BBC1 very recently it all sounded very familiar.
Avoid wherever possible!!!!


Declined Cashback.

I had my cashback from a Republic purchase declined 6 mths after the purchase. I was not contacted by Quidco to tell me I just noticed it in the activity table so I asked them via their new on line chat service which is quite good because at least now you can sort of talk to someone and avoid their messaging system which I don't like. Below is an exact word for word copy of our transcript so you can see I was told to raise a declined cashback claim which I tried to do but got a message to say I couldn't do that with Republic which seemed to be news to Quidco even though it was them who were telling me what to do!

There were no timings on any of this either but to be far they were reasonably fast just not very helpful.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with '[Private data removed]'
[Private data removed]: Hi David
[Private data removed]: how can I help?
David Phillips: Why was the cash back on my Republic purchase declined? I have not had any notification from you on this with a reason I just noticed it myself on the activity sheet.
[Private data removed]: was this a claim or a tracked transaction?
David Phillips: The latter
[Private data removed]: I am afraid we do not have information on declined tracked transactions, in order to resolve this for you I need you to raise an declined cashback claim for this purchase. You can do this here. This will allow us to contest this with the retailer and either get you the cashback or at least a reason for the decline
[Private data removed]:
David Phillips: You see it on the activity chart
[Private data removed]: https://www.quidco.com/new-enquiry/
[Private data removed]: Anything else I can assist with?
David Phillips: I clicked on the link and it says you can't raise a cashback claim with Republic!
David Phillips: Sorry, we are not able to raise cashback claims with this retailer.
[Private data removed]: Ah, let me just check their retailer page
[Private data removed]: It looks like they've been removed from our site due to difficulties and they are not currently accepting claims, this could be why they have declined your claim. I am sorry about that.


Amazingly Fast Delivery.

The GHD web site stated free next day delivery if ordered before 6pm. We ordered a pair of Classic Hair Straighteners at 11 minutes to 6 and they were delivered the next morning - fantastic.

Great product with 2 year warranty and excellent delivery service.


Are they Some Sort of Comparison Site?

I am reserving my judgement on Trust Pilot until I get to know them a bit better but so far I would say I have had mixed experiences with them.

One question that does spring to mind is where does their revenue come from?

Most comparison sites get paid by the companies who are being reviewed so you can see that this is likely to mean the review is not unbiased which is why more and more companies are not wanting to have anything to do with these kind of sites.

I will edit this review accordingly.

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16 January 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello David

Thanks for reviewing Trustpilot.

To answer your question directly. Trustpilot makes money from companies who buy access to our premium services. Among the most used features is the Automatic Feedback Service that companies use to invite all their customers to write a review within X days of purchase (delay is customisable). The invitation are sent out by Trustpilot on behalf of the company, so we know the consumer receiving the email is a real customer.
Companies paying for our services also get access to a number of widgets so they can display their level of service on their website or Facebook page. For more information please go to: http://business.trustpilot.co.uk

Companies have no control of what reviews will be published and can't edit or delete reviews either.

I hope this answers your question.

Joakim Ditlev


Broadband and Telephone Provider.

Having escaped from the awful AOL in 2008 I have been with Zen since then for Broadband with excellent Customer Service and no problems but not cheap mind you.
Then recently I upgraded to Fibre Optic Broadband and have taken our telephone services from BT and Talk Talk to Zen - I have so far been disappointed.
Everything was great until I upgraded and right now I'm reserving judgement because something has changed.......?

Watch this space and I will update in a few weeks.

Very slow to respond to my queries about their telephone charges ie over 2 weeks and as it turned out there are mistakes on the pricing page on the Zen site and this is still not resolved!!!

I responded to what turned out to be misleading pricing information on their home page ie "new cheaper broadband deals" which after wasting hours and hours of my time turned out to be exclusive of VAT but worst than that only for businesses not private consumers like myself. I pay more than £35 a month for Fibre which is way too expensive. The deals also required you to take out an expensive bundled telephone service as well. Not impressed!!

Also I recently asked for my Fibre and telephone services to be synced so that they covered the same time period ie the calendar month which they still haven't done but today they took my fibre payment of £35.40 from my bank account when it's normally paid on a credit card. They did this without even asking me!! During the process of trying to get payment (from next month) back onto the credit card which was unbelievably painful the credit card ran a security check and almost cancelled the card!!

I am less and less impressed by the day but at least I know I can leave with one months notice if I want to now.


Great Products at Great Prices and Fast Delivery.

I haven't noticed any difference since the name change they are still good ....So far.

I have purchased CD's, 3D glasses, charges, memory products, batteries all sorts always very good prices and delivered quickly.


Not very up to date plenty of other sources for the same information for free.

I have been a customer with Which for years and years first their magazine which my Dad got when I was a kid then I subscribed myself then several years ago I switched to their on line services whilst still getting the Computing magazine bi mthly I think it is.

In 2012 I bought toaster, 3 expensive TV's, an expensive 3D Blu Ray PVR, a cheap set top box and 3 mid range laptops so quite a bit of tech.
I attempted to use Which to guide me but experienced exactly the same problems on each occasion resulting in Which being of absolutely no use to me what so ever namely the majority of the information is out of date sometimes by astonishing amounts (years) and often the products are not even available anymore.

I know an awful lot of people in the same boat as me ie been subscribing for years but now questioning Which's relevance today all of whom are asking themselves Do I need Which when I've got the internet, search engines and comparison sites?

Also strange that there are only 2 Trust Pilot reviews on Which and one of those is from me.....................Which and Trust Pilot are both well known so what's going on???


Avoid Pharmastores.

They were fine for a couple of years but then they started sending Zopiclone out of the secure blister packs and into the same Chromium Picolinate bottles other reviewers have mentioned! Pharmastores said don't worry they are the same pills we are trying to avoid Customs and Excise.

To make it even worse I started getting snotty demands for unpaid Duty from Excise and Customs and got involved in time wasting email hockey whereby Pharmastores would tell me one day there was no duty to pay then next day they'd paid - Don't believe a word they say. Customs would say it was due. It even got to me receiving a letter from a Bailiff for non payment so I was forced to pay it - I'm in London and Pharmastores is in Egypt so it is easier for Customes to threaten me!!!!

More recently the pills whatever they are and I'm really not sure turned from being yellow to being blue (they might have a bit of Zopiclone in them but they are basically fake).

They are the cheapest I've found for Zopiclone but you don't know what you are buying.

How stupid does a company have to be to send me someone they have repeatedly ripped off the opportunity to review them.

Also if you look at the dates on Trust Pilot the reviews they are all in groups by date so there's been quite a lot recently but then none for the previous year then loads so my only conclusion from that is that they wrote some of them at least themselves obviously only the good ones.

Does anyone know where/how to have tablets analysed - I wouldn't mind seeing what they actually are.

David Phillips.

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Excellent value Service.

Good clear web site easy to obtain price for my tyre and delivered to the fitter and fitted as agreed.

I have used Blackcircles before and would recommend them.

Had a problem though with the Cash back site Quidco with my Blackcircles purchase so watch out......They will try and keep your cashback!!!!!!!!!!

Have bought 3 Pirelli's now in a couple of months and on the last visit paid an extra £72 to have alignment done which was fine but they made me come back the next day for alignment because they had let someone push in front of me so NOT IMPRESSED.

Sell Your-laptop

5 Star Service.

Fantastic service and I would agree with all that has been said in the other reviews no point repeating.

Only criticism is the courier - I was told that PDP would text me on the morning of the collection with a 2 hr slot which sounded perfect. They of course duly arrived unannounced in a white unbranded van.

If anyone knows any of a decent couriers pls post a review here as I have never met one yet!

The most difficult part of the whole process is doing this review which is not user friendly surprisingly!!!!

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