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Brilliant in every way

I've ordered quite a bit from these guys as I'm a petite female so finding clothes/kit in the shops isn't likely.

I've probably returned more stuff than kept in pursuit of finding the perfecting fitting boots/gloves/jackets/etc. and every transaction has gone perfectly.

Fulfilment is excellent with next day delivery in almost every instance. The site is easy to navigate, customer service is helpful, prices are competitive, shipping is free, and the selection, particularly for women's race kit is superb.


Worst delivery company around

Let's see...

it could be the completely blank notices left through my door....
it could be the claim of attempted deliveries when no one ever stopped by..
it could be the mangled and destroyed parcels that occasionally get delivered...

I've had more parcels undelivered (because no one ever came by) and lost more days work waiting in hopes some one would turn up for this company than all of the others combined.

I boycott perfectly good merchants because they use Yodel 'service'... hardly a service if you ask me...

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Pet Supermarket

Good enough shop, but lousy delivery

Pet Supermarket has a good product selection and it's usually the best price. Trouble is actually GETTING your order. They use Yodel for delivery and the service is absolutely dreadful. More times that not I check on line to see that a 'delivery attempt' was made a card is reported as being left, but i sat at home all day and no one even rang the bell! I've had yodel cards put through my door that contain NO TRACKING information so there was nothing i could do but take a day off work (and loose wages) to wait for a delivery that may or may not come.

So - as good a deal as Pet Supermarket is, their chosen courier is rubbish and the inconvenience they cause makes it worth paying the extra bit to buy from someone else that uses a more reliable (and honest) delivery company.


Dreadful Customer Service

I recently ordered several items from their website. A few hours after placing the order i learned that one of the items (a very large dog bed) was not the correct model. I tried several times to contact them but no one would respond to my repeated attempts to cancel the order

A week later the very large dog bed was delivered. I called them to arrange a return and explain that it should have never been delivered in the first place and it was unfair i should have to pay the MASSIVE shipping charges to return it. They denied ever having seen any of the emails i sent, though i have all of them showing delivered, and are forcing me to pay the return shipping charges even though it was their mistake.

Absolutely DREADFUL customer service. Take your money elsewhere.

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