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TERRIBLE!!!! I will put money on the fact that World of Mosaics will not publish my honest review of their company on their website as I do not recommend them in anyway. So I have reviewed them on all other review sites that do not delete any negative comments.

I ordered 2 samples on 3rd December 2013 and paid £12. They were listed as "in stock". Here I am on 17th December and still NO SAMPLES!!!

I received on email on 11th December stating the tiles would be in stock "in a couple of days" which obviously is NOT true as a week later I still have no samples.

I have attempted to telephone the company 7 times over this period and cannot speak to a human being, as am only asked to leave a message every time.

My tiler has started work on my house yesterday and now I do not have any kitchen tiles as I expected that I would have time to view the samples and make an order ready for my tiler on 16th December.

Terrible service. I will be shopping elsewhere.

Victoria Plumb

Disgusted! Do Not Buy from Victoria Plumb!!!!!!! I have been ripped off!!!

Where to begin, as this problem has been going on for a month with no resolution in sight. I am making an official complaint to Trading Standards and suggest all other vast amounts of complainants do the same, to stop this company trading or to force them to get there act together.

I purchased a free standing Harrison roll top bath in October 2013. It was delivered on time but with no technical or fitting instructs, just a bath in a box. I paid an expert plumber to fit the bathtub and was informed that the only way to fit this tub securely is to rip out my celling under the bathroom floor to bolt the 4 feet down. I would also not be able to fit the tub in the ground floor level of my home, as there is no access. So, this bathtub is not fit for purpose and not as described. I telephoned Victoria Plumb to complain and return the tub to which has been very distressing and unsuccessful.

Victoria Plumb refuse to acknowledge my complaint. They are happy for me to return the tub but I would have to pay £49.95 for the privilege. I raised the complaint before 7 days, but since they have been spending the last month fobbing me off they now tell me I need to pay a 20% restocking charge!!!! The bathtub was £399.

Unless I am willing to spend £600+ to rip out my celling and fit the tub this bathtub is not fit for purpose.

Victoria Plumb do not allow you to speak to any technical team. They pass messages to customer support, and then customer support pass the message to me. Days go by. This is the fitting instructions I received:

The technical team have advised there is no fitting instructions as this is just a free standing bath. It does not need to be sat in a hole but it does need access for the wastepipe.
Kind regards

Now Victoria Plumb state on every occasion that silicone will hold this tub in place. Nonsense and confirmation that Victoria Plumb have no idea about the products they sell and are running a scam, as taking £130 off me for a tub that cannot be used is fraud! If I put one hand on the side of this tub it flips on it's side, something silicone will NOT hold in place. This is an unsafe suggestion and not a solution at all.

I cannot speak to a manager about my complaint. It has taken me one month to receive a call back from a manager.... I am still waiting for a call.

I am filing a complaint with trading standards for a full investigation.

Do not buy form this company, no matter how glossy their TV adverts appear.

Terrible, just disgusting.

21 November 2013

Reply from

Dear Sarah Stocks

I am sorry to hear of the concerns you have over one of our products, we will be contacting you today in regards to this matter.

Kind Regards
Victoria Plumb Customer Service Department


No Apology for mistakes - avoid this company!!!

First time I have ever bought products from this company and am still in shock at how terrible the customer service is. TERRIBLE!!!! I order 2 Oil Gift Sets, both showed up on time, but were missing the conditioners in BOTH. As I had started using the sample oil out of one, I received a 1/5 refund (which I do not agree with as 5 items in the set, yes, but one was a 5ml sample - so should have received a 1/4 refund OR a full refund!). I send the other set back 12 days ago, still no refund. On each complaint call I made I was NEVER offered an apology, the girls were rude, uninterested and offered the worst customer service ever. I have now been offered a goody bag as a means of apology - never showed up and still no verbal apology at all!!!! I would avoid this company like the plague.

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Shopfitting Warehouse

Affordable, quality, easy transaction!

I purchased 2 clothing rails & wood hangers online and am impressed with the quality and the price. Ordering online was easy, delivery was within a few days. The whole process went wonderfully and I would use this company again, and therefore recomend.

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