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Ok, so it says I should write this review as if I'm speaking to a friend... Here goes....
What a bunch of absolute c##ts.
This company is the most devious I've come across, and I thought amazon were bad!
After you cancel your service (they put the prices up and invited me to cancel 'without charge') I still seem to be getting billed for a 'contract breakage fee'.
I feel very sorry for those who have been fleeced by this bunch of wa#k#rs.
After you cancel the service and move to another service provider, Talktalk no longer recognise your phone number. Guess what, when you try to contact them by phone, their automated service requires you to enter your phone number. Of course this isn't recognised and you can't get past this stage to speak to someone. I had to call a different number and pretend I wanted to buy a mobile phone package. When I explained I wanted to speak with someone about broadband and phone, they put me through and once I explained I wasn't paying their charge and had them pinned against a wall, they actually hung up on me (and I was being polite!).
They don't answer their emails within what I would call a reasonable time (4 working days on many occasions) so I have had no option but to cancel my direct debit to stop the cu#ts taking money from me which is not theirs to take.
This company knows exactly what they're doing, and if this is what they do to earn money and pay their shareholders then the future is not very bright for them.
1.2 out of 10 from nearly 700 reviews really says it all!
F.U Talktalk

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Gave them a 2nd chance, really wish I hadn't.

I placed an order last year and it got totally coc*ed up, ending in a refund and redelivery.
6 months or so on, I though it maybe time to try again, how wrong I was.
I ordered a valentines day arrangement,. I cannot tell you how embarrassing it is, and how what is supposed to be a loively gesture to my girlfriend is nothing of the sort.
I WISH I could attach a pictuie of the arrangement I purchased verses what actaully arrived, along with the fact that I also paid for chocolates which weren't delivered. I have a picture, but just can;t attach it, all I'll say is that it's a total con to cash in on desperate unknowing men around the country and misadvertising is an understatement.
Absolutely terrible, it's a shame that Interflora is such a huge name globally and this review will do nothing to dent that, although if one person reads this and doesn't order from them as a result I suppose it is worth something.
Last time I used their service and it went worng I thought I was unlucky, but looking at the overall rating on many review sites (between 1 and 2 out of 5) then I guess not.
Perhaps the next victim of high street administration if it carries on with these sort of service levels, I doubt it if they continue to fleece their customers in this way, but I hope so.

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LED Lights Zone

If I could leave 0 stars I would. Absolute Joke, no reply to calls, emails

I could type a lot about this company but don't have time, all I will say is:
Only order from these people if:
You want to pay for something and never receive it
You want to be lied to
You want to send emails and never get a reply
You would like to receive sales emails from a company that has failed to deliver your original order

If after reading this you chose to do business with them, don't say you weren't warned!

20 June 2013

Reply from LED Lights Zone

Hi Simon, We are very ashamed and sorry to read you review, however we thank you for your feedback and taking the time to do so. We hope to resolve any issues you may have so please email us at and we can take appropriate action in regards to the missing order. Unfortunately when we ran the promotion we found ourselves exposed by the partner company we were selling with and when we asked them to stop the deal, they did not do so leaving us inundated with orders we did not anticipate and so therefore did not have enough stock. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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