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I use CNET to read reviews on every technology item I buy. They help me decide.


The worst communication company

This company will lure you with lower call rates to get you interested. Once you are in then they will charge you for non connected calls and will add up to 2 extra minutes to your actual calls. Call quality is not very good, and you have to make several attempts to get through. They start counting time the moment you start dialing, so by the time the phone rings on the other side it will be about 30-40 seconds later. If no one picks up the phone and you hang up after 3-4 rings then Tel3 will charge you for 1 minute, but if you let it ring a little longer then they will charge you for 2 minutes. They always round up to the next minute and add another minute. Calls to Cuba are exteremly expensive, so these extra minutes add up.

Here is an example:
I called, waited for 6 rings and hung up (charge was 2 minutes),
I called again, waited for 6-8 ring and hung up (charge was 2 minutes),
I called again and spoke with the other party for 4 minutes and 45 seconds (charge was for 7 minutes). 30s before the call + 4m45s actual call + 1 extra minute for no reason at all.

Customer service will tell you that their "system showed that all charges were correct." They do not appreciate their customers. I had to complain at Better Business Bureau before Tel3Advantage reimbursed me.

I highly do not recommend this company. Do not patronise Tel3Advantage.

I recommend Rebtel. All calls connect on the first attempt, they do not add any extra minutes, start counting time the moment the other party picks up the phone, call quality is excellent. Rebtel provides excellent customer support and they charge 89.9c per minute for calls to Cuba.


Love it!

My favourite website


Horrible Software

It destroyed all my computers. Exteremly user unfriendly. Not intuitive at all. This software needs to be scraped and rewritten.


Good call quality - Bad customer service

Most used phone company. Calls to Cuba are very expensive. Please lower your rates to Cuba and offer monthly rates. Customer service is simply unacceptable. I was overcharged for several calls, asked to adjust, received no reply.


My Main Shopping Mall

I mostly buy from Amazon. Excellent return policy and problem resolution.



Most companies offering under $1 call rates to Cuba provide horrible connections, wrong number dialing making you dial several times to get through (Onesuite), adding 1 or 2 extra minutes to all calls and charge 2 minutes for not connected calls with no reimbursement (Tel3Advantage). I found that Rebtel's call quality to Cuba is excellent and is similar to Skype. The difference is the price: Rebtel charges 89.9c per minute and Skype charges $1.249 ($1.15 + tax).
I wished that Rebtel offered monthly rates to call Cuba.

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